Jakarta Power Tools mengucapkan Selamat Tahun baru 2013 untuk seluruh pengunjung setia Jakarta Power Tools. We have had Honda Generator accessories available in store for a while, but they are now finally available online too! Parallel operations cables – these cables are used to link two identical generators together, which provides as much as twice the output of a single unit. Covers – available in a range of patterns and colours, these generator covers protect your machine from the elements when it’s not in use. Wheel kits and lifting kits – larger generator models can be very heavy and difficult to move around. Remote control kits – no more walking back and forth between your power source and your work, as this kit allows remote operation of your generator. These Honda generator accessories will not only make your life easier, but also prolong the lifetime of your machine.
Get the latest news, special offers and up-coming events from Kelvin Power Tools delivered direct to your inbox. Sears Blue Tool Crew just announced that Hitachi power tools will be added to their product catalog.
In their announcement video, Sears mentioned that a full assortment of tools will be available online.
Darn, as if I didn’t already feel bad about not being able to make it to the National Hardware Show this year! In the short video, local spokeswomen hotties (pictured above) announce the news, followed by a more formal interview between Sears and Hitachi reps.
Editorial ReviewThe first thing we noticed about this grinder is just how little it is, both in dimensions and weight.

Per 1 Januari 2013, harga barang untuk Hitachi, Bosch, Makita dan Maktec mengalami perubahan harga. This gives you extra power when you need it, without having to trade up to a larger, heavier model.
From the sounds of it, there will be some heavy sales to promote the Hitachi brand at Sears as Father’s Day approaches.
Personally, I’m a fan of Hitachi tools since they offer great performance at affordable prices. Perhaps this is due to some type of clause with Lowes that prevents Hitachi tools from being offered at competing stores? The problem seems to be the switch as the grinder would stop, not during grinding, but after turning the grinder off, then sliding the switch to restart. It has enough power tohandle the larger jobs that I wouldn't even consider trying with my oldgrinder. Although its not a large industrial tool I've used this grinder at a bronze foundry for the past 4 years with no problems. Meskipun kami masih banyak kekurangan di tahun kemarin kami harap kami bisa memberikan service yang lebih baik lagi kepada anda sekalian di tahun yang baru ini. Choose between four-wheel kits and two-wheel kits depending on your needs, and the lifting kit can also be used to secure your generator to a static point in order to prevent theft. Hitachi power tools can be found at many online vendors, but as far as I know, only Lowes carries them in-store.
I should add that even when it did work I was disappointed in the performance.Although the power was fine, the level of vibration was MUCH higher than the Makita.
The barrel of the tool is small, so it fits beautifully in your hand, and the auxiliary handle lends great control and comfort, installed either on the right or the left.

I've seen craftman and dewalt burn out in a matter of weeks and my little makita has survived through years of heavy commercial use. I am finding that accessories like wire brushes and such are getting more and more scarce in store shelves. Right on top of the motor housing is the power switch; we like it there for convenience as well as safety. It is comfortable to hold not to heavy and the on off switch is in a nice convenient, and in a safe spot. Home Depot, which sells this grinder, did not have any brushes for this tool when I recently visited. I've owned several tools of each of these brands and always gotten great performance and durability. Despite its small size, this grinder's definitely not lacking in power, with a max no-load rpm of 11,000, and the price makes it a great choice for both the professional and the home do-it-yourselfer or hobbyist.
It's an unusual size: It's half an inch smaller than the standard small grinders we're used to seeing (though it offers the same max rpm), but it doesn't really make a difference in maneuverability or working in tight spaces. I believe the small size of this tool also limits the maximum diameter of wheels and brushes. Makita always goes the extra mile in quality, and here, they've sealed the motor and bearings so contaminants don't shorten the tool's life.
One positive on this tool: if I'm not mistaken, it is designed to be used with AC and DC power, so you can run it off of a generator.

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