Headquartered in Tokyo, Hitachi Koki generated sales revenue of over EUR 1 billion with a global workforce of around 5,000 in 2014. Garbrecht feels this offers excellent prospects for Metabo and the close collaboration within the new corporate network also delivers significant benefits in areas such as motor development and the further development of battery technology. Metabo's facility in NuI?rtingen, Germany, offers Hitachi an ideal base for expanding into European markets, with development, product management, production and marketing operations under one roof.
According to Maehara, Hitachi will retain the entire workforce and management team under the leadership of CEO Horst W.
According to the CFO Eric Oellerer, the takeover by Hitachi represents a great opportunity. Garbrecht went on to say that a key factor in this respect was that both Hitachi and Metabo have been focusing on the promising cordless power tool segment for many years.
At the same time Metabo has become the technology leader in cordless technology and has reached a strong position in Europe with a number of world firsts such as its recent extremely powerful LiHD technology. Metabo has built a reputation for technological leadership in the cordless category and a strong position in Europe with a number of world firsts, such as its recently introduced LiHD technology.
As for the various sectors of industry, the excellent reputation of Hitachi’s heavy-duty hammer drills puts it in a strong position in areas such as construction, while Metabo is particularly well placed in the metal industry, and also in the building renovation trades. Metabo’s future owner Hitachi Koki will follow financial investor Chequers Capital, which became the majority shareholder of the renowned traditional NuI?rtingen-based company in June 2012. In the same year, Metabo achieved sales revenue of EUR 374 million and had 1,800 employees worldwide.
Garbrecht (right) and CFO Eric Oellerer, will remain on board and Metabo will continue to operate as a distinct business entity. Hitachi has a wide range of cordless products and a strong 18 volt platform including a high end electronic system and brushless technology. Hitachi is one of the leading companies in its home market of Japan and overall has a very good market position in the Asia-Pacific region, which is enjoying strong growth. Garbrecht explains that this impressive complementarity extends to many different product groups. The sale to Hitachi not only gives Metabo a secure, strategic home, but also a bright perspective for the future,” explains Dr. This issue also contains five marketing, web design and personal development articles from industry leading consultants and six Industry Updates on Compaction, Concrete, Gas Engine and Hydraulic Equipment, Diamond Blades, Bits & Rigs and Lubes, Chemicals & Cleaners!
Our explicit goal is to grow significantly in Europe and acquiring Metabo brings us a big step closer to achieving this. The NuI?rtingen site offers Hitachi excellent possibilities to get closer to the European markets, with development, product management, production and marketing operations under one roof. Hitachi enjoys a strong reputation for high-quality, durable pneumatic tools and nailers, plus the company boasts a large, innovative portfolio of outdoor machinery. While we very much regret that this cooperative and productive partnership is now coming to an end, we are convinced that Hitachi offers a fantastic opportunity for Metabo and its employees,” Schwarz concludes.
In recent weeks, Lowe's stores across the country have begun showing end cap displays of Metabo products including grinders, drills and miter saws. What’s more, becoming part of Hitachi is an excellent way of overcoming the previous size-related disadvantages. This possibility to combine these advantages makes Hitachi the ideal partner for Metabo,” Oellerer explains.

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