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Hi, my name is Allan, and I created this website to to give you the best miter saw reviews on the most popular models today. Experienced contractors who need the best of the best don't have a lot of models to choose from. If you've been looking for a miter saw to add to your workshop, you might think you've gone in over your head.

There are miter saws, and then there are dual bevel sliding compound miter saws with built-in lasers and sliding extensions. There aren't so many models competing for the position of best dual bevel sliding compound miter saw out there. Anyone who's tried to cross-cut several pieces of lumber at an angle on a table saw knows how helpful it is to have a dedicated miter saw on the job, but only if it's accompanied by a good miter saw stand.
If you're a woodworker thinking about whether to upgrade your existing miter saw, or you’re a new woodworker who wants to know which saw is best to start with, you should take a closer look at the sliding compound miter saw.

Because of the nature of wood that's used with a miter saw, it must have some support along its length, and the feed ought to be smooth. It can make cuts on any angle on both the vertical and horizontal planes, and it can cut larger pieces and multiple pieces as well with the sliding function.

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