Our Fish-Field torpedo Lead Head jigs work well with our Fish-Field swimbaits and any other plastics.
The Thinking Cap is available in any of our many colors and available in three convenient sizes: small, medium, and large. Made with 4 choices of core material, Regular, Lightweight, "Smart Armor" Green Light and KiArmor.
Ordering the Revolution Thinking Cap in any of the "Reverse" Fabric choices essentially gives you an all black cap. Taking technology used to make golf balls fly further and straighter, this lead has astounded us with it's casting abilitly. Great for bottom fish, Halibut, Stripers, Lingcod, Tuna and any other species where lead head jigs are applicable.
I ended up buying plenty of accessories and I found out that they were quick and efficient.

I needed an item in less than 24hrs and Kiah made it happen even though Pinknoise didn't have it in stock themselves. Made the order over the phone, the staff member I spoke to was friendly and efficient and called me back as agreed to answer some specific queries I had about the product once he had checked into it. I had a shoot coming up and needed gear as soon as possible and was a bit stressed about receiving it on time. The team assured me they could do it, offered great advice on which gear was right for my situation, posted it and I receive it the following day.
Works great with a little AT875 on board or another shotgun on a longer XLR for interviews. So it was great to be able to find it readily available amidst the plethora of high-end gear on offer at PinkNoise. Great customer service, excellent advice and support, very fast shipping, low prices, amazing guys.

However, I was kept well informed of the progress and received the rest of my order promptly. Only criticism of the Tascam DR70D is that you can't change your camera battery without removing it, which is pretty frustrating, plus it takes a long time to turn on, liked the speed with which the juiced link box became functional.
I had an issue with compatibility between the microphones I had selected and despite having the lavalier mics custom plugged, the pinknoise team replaced them at no extra charge for me.
Can't thank them enough for all their help and will definitely be returning to place future orders.

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