You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. This angle grinder has a powerful ball-bearing motor that provides smooth-running power to tackle the hardest metal cutting, shaping and slag removal jobs! Type a keyword, Lot number or even coupon code into the "filter" box for a lightning fast search!
This angle grinder’s powerful 15 amp motor gives it the power to tackle tough metal cutting, shaping and slag removal jobs. This angle grinder's powerful 11 amp motor gives it the power to tackle the hardest metal cutting, shaping and slag removal jobs. Harbor Freight, Harbor Freight Tools and related trademarks are registered trademarks of Central Purchasing Inc., which does not sponsor, authorize, or endorse this site.
Features include a tough aluminum construction for durability, a recessed spindle lock and a two-position auxiliary handle for comfort and control along with carbon brushes.
Features include an all ball and roller bearing construction for durability and tool-free adjustable guard.
The angle grinder also includes a three position rear handle for comfort and control along with easy access brushes making this a powerful tool for the professional metal worker and hobbyist alike! It's frequently been used from sun-up to sun-down (always with frequent breaks of a couple seconds to a couple of minutes to inspect my work and adjust my plans) and it has never bogged down, overheated, or even needed a change of brushes. It may cut slower than higher amp grinders, but if you're working on art, tools, or any piece of steel that needs to stay hard, that's a good thing.

From personal experience, i can tell you even professional welders often don't know how to use a grinder properly, so that's no surprise.
Luckily the switch broke when I was cutting through the last of the bolts so I did get the hitch out. I haven't decided if I'm going to return this or just tear it apart and try to fix it myself. The switch locking mechanism is really annoying, latching when you don't want it to and not latching when you do. A real pain when you are on the floor under a truck and you plug the thing on and it starts to spin up. If your angle grinder burns out within the warranty (and if it's a lemon, it should), send it back, and they'll always send you a new one. They've got great customer service, and an outstanding leniency with what they'll take back in returns. After reading reviews about the power needed to grind with the diamond wheel I chose the heavier duty 9", 15 amp grinder and glad I did. Political and economical considerations notwithstanding, that makes replacement parts take forever to get shipped, and almost impossible to find. I can't speak for it's longevity as I only used it once for about 2 hours straight but it had the power needed for that heavy grinding. Even with a commercial 15 amp exhaust fan running the dust was so bad in the room I could not see the other worker 3' away from me with a shop vac trying to collect my grindings.

15 Amp Heavy Duty Angle Grinder:I bought this to help in the demo of a kitchen and baths in a house I bought.
15 Amp Heavy Duty Angle Grinder:I just purchased this 9in 15 amp Grinder in conjunction with a 7in diamond blade (for cement).
Im still not sure about Chicago Electric motors but decided to purchase the largest amp motor to be on the safe side. I incorrectly used a tiny gauge 20 foot extension cord and while grinding my very rough cement sidewalk ( did it myself ) the Grinder quickly overheated (Texas Heat) and automatically shut off. I put two and two together and went grab a thick gauge copper extension cord and for two hours never shut down again.
I can say with out a doubt that grinding cement for hours is probably the best way to test this tool because the overwhelming amount of cement dust can kill a just about anything. 11 Amp Heavy Duty Angle Grinder:I bought this grinder to sharpen the blades on my bush hog.
11 Amp Heavy Duty Angle Grinder:I own a lawn care business and I bought this to try out for blade sharpening. One other thing the spanner wrench that comes with this is a hunk of junk, I had to make my own.

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