Let us keep you informed about special offers, new products and future updates to this site.Sign up here! We also carry a full line of Husqvarna and craftsman power equipment and we offer all the name brand power tools you are looking for. Japanese Post & Beam Chisels are intended for deep mortising in log-framing, timber framing and post and beam construction.
Robert Sorby #285 chisel is similar to the Sorby 285 Framing Chisel but with a bevel to give extra clearance in the cut. It's pretty easy when sharpening to overdo the center of the gouge and after a little time the center is recessed and you get bad overall tool geometry.
First, with the tool held vertical on the diamond stone I squared it up correctly, then on the diamond stone I reformed the bevel.
Nothing special to report except that I had to remember to pay close attention to the sides of the gouge which need to be super sharp to cut cleanly without overdoing the center. I used our Multistone which (in Norton's infinite wisdom) has been discontinued with the hard Arkansas stone.

Horse butt leather strops are out of stock until September, a nearly lifetime supply of Micro-fine honing compound is pretty cheap.
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We stock Craftsman, DeWalt, Makita, Milwaukee, Nail guns and all the accessories to go with your New Power Tool.
Hand forged from carbon steel with a flat ground back and deep 4" socket handle for a positive fit. Just hold the tool the way you want to, lock your arms against your body, and sway back and forth. We only have a very few left (our personal one is tricked out with an additional diamond stone as an extra).
The opinions expressed in this blog are those of the blog's author and guests and in no way reflect the views of Tools for Working Wood. We stock Craftsman socket sets, rolling tool boxes, air tools and nail guns, and much more.

Most of the time we use either an Ashley Iles sharpening system (rubber wheel, then buff) or more usually a Koch system (paper buffs). As I sway back and forth I also rotate the tool on the stone to sharpen evenly, or just rotate a little to sharpen selectively. In general most people prefer oilstones to waterstones for carving tools because the oilstones don't groove as much if at all. What I have discovered on stropping in general is to pay more attention to the sides of the gouge and then the middle will take care of itself. We carry screwdrivers, hacksaws, utility knives, tool sets, mason tools, and everything in between.
We still stock the longer replacement stones for the multistone so if you wish just make cases for the longer stones.

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