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Workshop ergonomics – high table , Be sure to check out the four other videos in this work table series. Assuming you are a DIYer and so your tools are not in the back of a truck or van, how do you store your power tools - corded and cordless. I am looking for a better way to store them, and make them more accessible, sometimes putting in boxes and organizing the power cords and put the tools on a shelf is a bit of a pain. I thought of taking one shelf in my garage and use hole saws to cut holes sized for different tools so I can put them away like gun in a holster. Then I saw the lanyard system from Ryobi, but of course, I don't have any of this brand, most of mine are Bosch, Ridgid and Makita.
My other tools not necessary for my trade are stored on mini rack systems I picked up from Costco a few years back along with whatever other junk I can fit on there. I use one of these in my equipment trailer and it's loaded from top to bottom with heavy items and it's never failed me yet.
The auto channel- cars, cars, auto influentials, The auto channel content library (since 1996) has grown to become the world’s most extensive and complete interactive archive of automotive centric news, articles. Professional grade tools snap cornwell craftsman, Professional grade tools snap cornwell craftsman matco sk mac professional grade quality brand tools snap- cornwell craftsman mac.
Please Select Username to appear on public areas of the site like community and recipe comments. Organize and store all those small shop tools and accessories that clutter your workbench in a chunk of foam insulation. FEATURED PRODUCT Air Scrubber Cleaner HireNew to fleet air scrubber cleaner for dust control, flood damage, fire damage restoration and odour control. FEATURED PRODUCT Ride on floor tile stripperWe are the first company to import this incredible machine battery powered floor stripper that will work for eight hours on one charge. This machine will give the ultimate performance in stripping large areas of tiles or carpets. Built in digital camera for recording and doing a comparison which can then be uploaded.
This morning’s surfing, along with some memory tingling, produced some time travel I found interesting. Along that same line, my own Goodell-Pratt #259, not yet 100 years old, saw lots of service before it came to me, and gets used a few minutes per week these days. That comment about 2 minutes a year fired off a bunch of neurons in my feeble old mind, and I ran downstairs to take a picture of my old reliable power drill.
If you are a woodworker, and have not been asleep, you’ve heard that the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) appears eager to mandate all table saws include flesh sensing technology? The whole story is many thousands of pages long, so I will offer only the barest of facts as I know them. Gass, being a patent attorney, surrounded his invention with patents (counts vary from 50 to 83!). Gass attempted to license his technology to most of the big name tool manufacturers, including One World Technologies (parent of Ryobi) in October 2000. Gass originally asked Ryobi for a 3% royalty which would increase to 8% if a majority of other manufacturers also used the technology.
His employer provided him with either a DeWalt or a Ryobi table saw (benchtop model BTS 15), depending on the job of the day. The CPSC isn’t too sure if they have correctly analyzed the data, but the have performed a miracle of turning 848 of 862 examined incidents into 79,000 (p16 of the briefing doc). They were very careful to discover that 4 of the 862 examined incidents were work related and another 12 were thought to be work related, thereby leaving 848 as accomplished by we the uneducated, unwashed, stupid, amateur woodworkers of the world.
They are careful to mention version 7 of the UL’s regulation 987 on table saws which requires a new riving knife and new modular blade guard design which is starting to appear in the market. Yet at the very same time, on the request for comments, they seek a long list of information, 25 categories of things they want to know more about.

Did you know that every contractor who comes to sling paint in your home must have completed a full-day lead remediation course (typically a $300 cost) and also pass a licensing exam (another $100)?
I believe that safety is an individual responsibility and that every individual is responsible for their own safety.
Were I to need a table saw now, I want the freedom to purchase the capacity and features I want, not those that some bureaucrat has decided for me. Historical incident data are suspect due to calculations which extrapolate 846 into 78,000.
You can let the Consumer Products Safety Commission know what you think of their proposed rule making? The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government, lest it come to dominate our lives and interests. My woodworking colleague, Al Navas, has written from his personal point of view on his blog.
They all stay in my work truck and the all batteries have their own tool bag & come inside with me every night, right by the front door. It'll hold drill bits, router bits, screwdriver bits and a host of other little things and keep them close at hand.
The justification for stepping down from higher grade professional tools to consumer grade was that the average homeowner used their drill less than 2 minutes a year. It has definitely see more than 2 minutes a year, probably a lot closer to 2 hours a year averaged over the time I’ve had it. I did fall to the siren songs of those cordless things and went through 3 generations of them.
First, my pockets aren’t deep enough to pay 23 times as much as I did for the old reliable drill which I still use today. They have both come together in an interesting way, and now the CPSC is riding in on a white horse to save us all from ourselves. One imagines he expects a wealth of royalty payments to flow from them, or maybe even a wealth of infringement awards.
Some might question the legality of his immigration status, but I think that irrelevant to the case.
Osorio slipped while making a rip cut without a fence, without a blade guard, without a splitter, and with the blade at an (unspecified) angle. Actually, no government agency moves vigorously, but this time slightly faster than before.
That dictum was issued in 2007, and is not yet completely implemented in the industry (target 2014). Are they asking for this information because they really need it, to cover an exposed part of their research? I’ve been very careful about not introducing politics in my blog, but to me this has a political aspect that I abhor. Long ago, Congress started establishing federal agencies and imbuing them with regulatory power. Had one once, about 30 years ago, a Craftsman benchtop saw from the era when Crafstman was still making decent tools. Were I operating a facility where many people would use the saw, I would want them to all be as safety conscious as I am, and I would be dictatorial about it. I found them mostly wimpy and while none of them actually failed mechanically, all 3 fell victim to design obsolescence of their batteries.
It even ended up ticking off the Power Tools Institute, and organization to which most of the big tool manufacturers belong. He couldn’t find employment in the computer field, his chosen field in which he had obtained training and education. What they really did by that statement was establish their own jurisdictional interest in the case. Yet, by neatly sidestepping the work related aspect, the CPSC doesn’t want to consider the effectiveness of the new UL measures, although they have information about the results of 987.
Yet, here was another case of semi-useful statistics being used to justify an immediate mandatory change.
The CPSC isn’t telling is what toilets we can have, what light bulbs we can use, what fuel and engines diesel trucks and use, and on an on. The saw was very useful for a few projects, and I went to great lengths to learn how to use it safely.

Osorio should have known how to safely accomplish the rip cut he needed to make, or, instead of using more force, he should have stopped to learn when the going got tough on the first attempt at that cut. Yet knowing that some won’t be as careful as I expect, and knowing that we have the highest density of lawyers in the world, I would probably purchase a SawStop saw. Why then should an unelected body, that is not accountable to the American public make such a mandate?
By the time the batteries would no longer take a charge, replacements cost 3 times as much as the next great (consumer grade) cordless drill. The drill itself might not fail in a reasonable lifetime, but how long will replacement batteries be available? To fill the gap, he accepted a manual labor job with a flooring contractor and unfortunately suffered a serious injury on that job. His employment with a flooring contractor started in April 2004 and his injury occurred almost a year later. Osorio used was defective because Ryobi did not use flesh sensing safety technology (already proposed to Ryobi through a failed contract).
The first part of one is nearly identical to the whole of the other: a Table Saw Blade Contact Injuries briefing package and an Advance notice of proposed rulemaking. They designed it with divided powers, with checks and balances, that keep each of the three major branches in balance. Maybe it was to protect members of Congress from making hard choices that might cost them their jobs. The children who are poisoned at so low a rate we can’t measure it, or legions of trainers and licensing bureaucrats?
Were my needs for frequent and heavy use, I would probably buy a SawStop because I recognize that both over-familiarity (a variant of carelessness) and tiredness are hazards that lead to accidents.
He has surrounded his invention with dozens of patents, obviously attempting to seek royalties, if not infringement judgments, from as much of the relevant industry as possible. If you’re a pro and really do use these things an hour or more a day, or if you just want to have the same things that Mark and Tommy have, go ahead. No one should become so powerful that another cannot correct the imbalance, and none shall go beyond the power of the people. Advisers say that the poisoning rate can not be reduced further and that the rulings serve only to burden producers with heavier costs, and in many cases products disappear because they can’t be made affordably.
Once the nature of my projects changed and the saw sat idle, I sold it and haven’t wanted one since. At the same time, Joel does put in a suggestion about buying a truly professional quality Festool instead. I chose not to buy it.] Excerpts from the testimony, available at Wood Magazine (links at the end of this post), suggest very little instruction. It’s the freedom of choice that interests me, not the control of an unelected, unaccountable, bureaucrat.
So serious that they abandoned the previous practice of phasing the standard in over time, letting suppliers replace inventory as the improved product became available. Those folks went out of business in the late 60s, or actually, were bought by another firm, and then bought again by Shopsmith, and eventually discontinued.
If the Judiciary does things we don’t like, we can revise or replace the laws they interpreted differently than we like.
They determine what needs to be done in our interest, sometimes ask us about it, and then go on and do as they please. It’s unclear whether he ever read the warning labels on the saws (which were in both English and Spanish). His technology is available in the open market, and is being accepted by those who value it, exactly as it should be. It was noted that each had the blade tilted (we don’t know how much), but in opposite directions.

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