I've long considered Craftsman tools to be the best tools, both quality and value wise, for the casual mechanic.
Here we have one of the standard Craftsman ratchets, which had for years had been advertised as "Made in the USA". I managed to pick up one of the last old stock sets of Thin Profile Ratchets that were made in the USA. Unfortunately, it appears that this "Made in USA" logo is going to much rarer on Craftsman tools. I may have to stock up on all tools I've wanted to get to make sure I get them before they completely switch. Do what you will with your money, but for me I can never forget what Sears has done for their employees that have been deployed. I agree with the sentiment to only buy American made tools, but I submit Sears isnt farming these out so the CEO can maximise his quarterly bonuses before he bails out leaving the employees all unemployed. Personally, I wish they'd have saved money by having their tools made by prisoners here in the USA, becuase the quality would have still been better than stuff made in China. I think at least 80% of Craftsman customers bought for the sole reason it is one of the few brands you can just go pick up and not have to order.
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It is every American's birthright to use the national forests and grasslands in multiple ways, including outdoor recreation in all its forms.
This country is trying to childproof the world when they should be worldproofing their children. The third set is the opposite way up to the first set and on the other side of the anvil to make the hinge plate.

Near the end in the video notice that I use the length of one tong to make a mark on the anvil using welder’s chalk to show the length of the tong (from the left edge of the top anvil surface to the chalk mark). See the last section for a video of making the sets for the tongs and drawing out the reins. For tongs I find it is easiest to do the first part in the same position as the second set so that you can flip the tongs over onto the flat side to do the second part. Turning it as you work will make an even rivet head otherwise I find mine tend to be pushed over to one side – they still work but look shit. The cold end will have deformed slightly and will be wider so work it back to 6mm or just under. Take a new heat and put it into the rivet making plate if you’ve got one and give it a few good hits, turning it as you do, to make a wider rivet head with a sharp shoulder. Get the rivet really hot on the other end from the rivet head you just made (quench the rest if need be). This is also a good time to use the heat to adjust to a particular size of stock – put a flat piece of stock between the bits, put the tongs on the anvil and hammer until the bits grip nicely.
Over the past few years Sears has been releasing new series of Craftsman tools, such as the Evolv and Universal lines, that are made in countries other than the US. Very sad and since my father and law has some old made in the US stuff, the new crap doesnt stand a chance when you have to put some gorrilla grip torgue on things and they go SNAP!! When I first heard how far they go to help their employees and their families during their deployment I remember thinking, "How can they afford to do that"? Sears is having major financial difficulties and I believe the handling of the Craftsman brand shows one of the many weaknesses of their management team.
I find this helps to make the tongs almost identical which results in a much better pair of tongs.

Use a bright orange heat to make the first hit really bite in and then you can push the piece into the anvil to hold it in place but watch out for the work jumping between strikes. Taper slightly towards the end but leave plenty of material near the hinge plate to keep them strong (a little bend in the reins feels good but too much and the tongs will be unusable.
Pop it through the tongs, put it on the anvil with the already formed head down and whack the unriveted side hard.
As for me, I'll support Sears as long as they support our National Guardsmen and Reservists, as well as our military in general. We are donating $10 of each blue star subscription to the Blue Ribbon Coalition to ensure that we will have trails to recreate on for years to come. Turn as you hit to hit evenly from different directions to get an even head (same as making the rivet).
I suppose they justified that under the theory that their classic Craftsman line was still US sourced. Now my main concern is breaking one of my current Craftsman tool and it being replaced with one I consider inferior. After the first few strikes have defined the set, use the rest of the heat to shape the bit.

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