You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. And then, last week, I asked him if there was any particular gardening tool categories he would be interested in testing. I asked him if there are any particular tools he would be able to test in time for the Spring season. I found that the Black & Decker hand gardening tools are rugged and would use it for comparisons. Also, if there are any brands of hand gardening tools you would like to see tested against the Black & Decker ones, let us know! I really like the Radius line of gardening hand tools and although they may no longer be in production the OXO line was also well made.
It is set in a rigid frame, which is part of a movable device that moves the blade vertically and horizontally. If you don’t already know Brian Brazeal, look him up and connect with his school in Brandon, Mississippi. Brian is not only perfecting his own craft and helping grown-ups to revive blacksmithing; he is also teaching the next generation through his group International Young Smiths. I believe in a good mix of woodworking project plans, flashy furniture pictures and an in-depth look at tools and techniques.
I think you may find a greater interest in smithing than is apparent by the meager comments on this post. A year ago in May I picked up my first cross peen hammer, heated iron in a coal forge, and struck the hot iron against an anvil.

In my appreciation for the lessons I have started making wooden mallets, which have been received with great appreciation. Christopher Schwarz has helped many of us solve some pretty frustrating problems over the years. He first mentioned them a few months ago when he bought them at an independent home improvement store, and brings them up every so often, typically with the words strong, reliable, comfortable, and value-priced thrown around.
Not sure what this means for the lifetime warranty replacements, but it probably isn’t good. This is probably not a bad thing since they are likely aimed towards women rather than men, and women tend to have smaller hands, at least on average.
We can branch out into the making of both woodworking hand tools and woodworking hardware, then use those results in our tree-based projects.
I would like to thank you for a great article I love blacksmithing and I intend to continue!
I myself am an avid amateur smith, and I know of tons of guys who likewise dabble in the craft. My philosophical approach to learn how to be self-sufficient in woodworking and blacksmithing seems to maybe more in line with those who have much more experience than I currently possess. Some of us, in fact, can’t get enough of all that – so we write about it all week long. Brian explains that with the right technique, relatively smaller people can learn to do it well. For me, while I don’t mind using a well-made tool that I have bought from someone else, I do find that applying store-bought hardware to a project is often a bit dissatisfying.

These days Dan is a former online editor for Popular Woodworking, and is learning new skills every day. Tools are an important thing to all trades, and a good hand made tool is something to be appreciated!
As I think about it, most are also involved in longrifle building, which seems to lead to a plethora of crafts from stock making and carving, to inlays and scrimshaw.
But I believe our interests, as woodworkers and readers, run a lot deeper than plans and pictures. Alec Steele, who started blacksmithing as a teenager in the United Kingdom, is a perfect example. But if you are interested we’d love to see your comments below and, again, be sure to look up Brian Brazeal and his school. Above all, we want tools – physical tools for woodworking and mental tools to make the work easier. As it turns out, there are many kindred spirits in the community – especially when it comes to blacksmithing tools and making homemade tools. When you reach the point of standing in front of a forge and anvil, hammering hot metal, you know you are somewhere near the absolute starting point of modern craft.

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