The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has reported that July was the hottest month in the United States since modern record-keeping began in 1895. Throughout the country, OSHA is on hand to provide expert guidance to workers and employers about the hazards of working outdoors in hot weather. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
Keep Tools Properly Maintained Drills, saws, planers and routers — powered tools such as these get the job done.

Click the button below to add the Construction Safety Posters - A Sharp Tool Is A Safer Tool! Join the more than 49,000 others who have downloaded OSHA’s Heat Safety Tool mobile app, available in English or Spanish, which provides vital safety information in these extreme temperatures — right on your mobile phone.
For example, in recent weeks in Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio, Texas, OSHA compliance officers have operated three phone banks in Spanish on local Univision stations, taking questions from the public and providing information on the campaign. These tools can also cause injuries —projecting objects into the eyes, causing electric shock and cutting fingers, to name a few.

If the integrity of the tool is in question, replace it or have it repaired by a qualified person before using it. The tool must be properly grounded with an approved three-wire cord and a three-prong plug.

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