JAYATI TOOLS An OEM to automobile companies, Jayati, Jayati Tools, Hand tools, Tools, Pliers, Combination Pliers, Slip Joint Pliers, Spanners, Double Open Ended Spanners, Special Spanners, Solid Box Spanners, Tubular Box Spanners, Wheel wrenches, Square Nut Wrenches, Wheel Nut Spanners, Tubular Wheel Nut spanners, Spark Plug Spanners, Machine Wrenches, Screw Drivers, Phillip Head screw drivers, Screw driver blades- Torx, Phillips, Flat, Tool Pouches, Tool Kits, Automobile Tool Kits, Tool Boxes, Forgings, Hooks, Lifting Hooks, Eye Bolts, Brass Forgings, Special Purpose Tools, Sockets, Accessories for sockets, Extension Bars, Universal Joints, Offset Handle, Swirl Handle, Sliding Bar, Ratchet Handle, Adjustable Wrench, Pipe Wrench, Chisel, Brick Nail, Sheet metal components, CNC Machining, Scaffolding Tools, Swing wrench , Delhi, India.

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