Incorporating modalities of both physical and occupational therapy, Certified Hand Therapists are specially trained for at least 5 years in caring specifically for complex injuries to the hands and upper extremities. As an awarding-winning medical group, we offer a diverse group of physicians that represent the finest primary care programs available. Our certified Occupational Therapists provide evaluations and treatments to meet the needs and functional goals of our patients. A Hand Therapist is an Occupational Therapist or Physical Therapist who specializes in rehabilitation of the hands and upper extremity.
Patients who have conditions such as arthritis, congenital anomalies and amputations where prosthetics training is required may also see a hand therapist.
Many patients who are affected by cumulative traumas such as tennis elbow, trigger finger and carpal tunnel seek hand therapy for workstation modifications, preventative programs, pain management, splinting, conditioning and stretching programs and education regarding ways to simplify their work, conserve energy and protect their joints, tendons and nerves.
Hand therapy is a type of rehabilitation performed by an occupational or physical therapist on patients with conditions affecting the hands and upper extremities.  At Back in Action, hand therapy services are performed by a provider with a high degree of specialization and advanced certification.
Patients who are candidates for hand therapy, and commonly treated at Back in Action, may have been affected by an accident or trauma leaving them with wounds, scars, burns, injured tendons or nerves, fractures, or even amputations of the fingers, hands or arms.  Others include patients who suffer from the effects of conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome and tennis elbow, and chronic problems such as arthritis or a neurologic condition. Our personalized and individualized hand therapy treatment programs effectively and efficiently treat upper extremity conditions, leading to a quick recovery. The Hand Therapy Centers of Tidewater Physical Therapy treat patients with a variety of complex upper extremity issues including fractures, injured tendons or nerves, arthritis or connective tissue disorder or reconstructive surgery. Hand Rubber Balls – This cheap and common toy is actually a good hand exercise tool and ideal for minor hand therapy as well. Hand Grips – These are also common therapy tools for hands which can be easily found in sporting goods stores. They are experts in maximizing function after hand trauma, regaining motion after surgery and fabricating comfortable and form-fitting custom splints for patients with specific injuries.

Joseph Hospital is a values-based Catholic health care provider with a tradition of and commitment to excellence, based on the vision of the Sisters of St. Our physicians value the relationship they have with each of their patients and encourage each patient to play an active role in disease prevention and management. Joseph Hospital is committed to building a healthy partnership between you and your doctor. Treatments may include modalities for pain control, exercises to increase flexibility and strength, fabrication of custom braces and splints, as well as education to prevent further injury. Through advanced study, continuing education and advanced certification he or she will use the CHT designation after the designations OTR (Registered Occupational Therapist), or RPT (Registered Physical Therapist).
For further information regarding hand therapy you may want to visit the American Society of Hand Therapists website. Hands are an integral part of nearly everything we do, so hand or wrist joint pain can seriously impact your daily life. Offerings include customized splinting and conditions treated range from fractures, nerve compression syndromes, tendon & athletic injuries, arthritis, post-operative reconstruction and wrist, elbow and hand disorders. No one knows hands better than the highly qualified, Certified Hand Therapists of Tidewater Physical Therapy. Our hand therapists can help restore hand function with specialized exercises, advanced therapy techniques and state-of-the-art treatments. The hand is subjected to a lot of strain and stress as we use them every day and perhaps every minute of the times that we are awake. It’s a free-forming substance like a children’s clay as well which will do light exercise for the hand. One can squeeze on of these balls any time that you’re idle at work or taking a rest at home.

I was so impressed the first time that when I needed it again there was no question of where to go. She was forthcoming in explaining everything we were working on and was exceptional in taking time to listen. By encouraging you to take an active role in your own wellness, we work together so you get the most from your healthcare experience. Overusing your hands to some strenuous tasks like sports and lifting tasks can do some serious damage which will affect how you will use your hands in the future.
From there you can ask for prescribed hand therapy methods from massages to topical creams and to some hand strengthening exercises.
It serves as a therapy and exercise tool if you want to get your grip back from an injury or to further improve that. They achieved certification by the Hand Therapy Certification Commission and are recognized by the American Society of Hand Therapists. Serious injuries require serious attention as well and it is not really recommended to do some DIY therapy yourself. Several rounds of close-open fingers before using your hands will improve how you hand heal and work.
But if you just have some minor muscle sprains in your hands due to excessive use like carrying a heavy bag for too long or playing tennis for too long, using some hand therapy equipment is a good and cheap choice. These therapists have dedicated their careers to the protocols and treatments crucial to the intricate needs of patients with hand injuries.

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