A quality product from JAPSON ideal for use in School Laboratories in developing countries of Asia, Africa and South America. Other configurations and superior quality available for specific use or for developed countries.
Disclaimer: Above mentioned details are indicative in nature and JAPSON reserves the right to change them without prior notice. Manual vacuum pump(Hand-Operated Vacuum Pumps ), Buy Manual vacuum pump(Hand-Operated Vacuum Pumps ) from China Manual vacuum pump Suppliers and Manual vacuum pump Exporters Zhejiang Jinhua Baishida Automobile Articles Co., Ltd. You can use it neatly and expediently, it can produce a negative pressure up to 635 mm Hg vacuum. Upper Bream: Fabricated from heavy steel plate, machining its every surface ensuring perfect job as it functions in the side.

As day improvements are contemplated for better- performance of the machine, we reserve the rights to alter the specifications without prior notice. Guarantee period: we will supply you the spare part within two years free if the spare parts have damage under normal use. Our hospital manual bed series have different function, these Hand Operated Medical Hospital Beds with kinds of styles, advanced technical. Buyer is also requested to re-check the specifications and other features of product at the time of order confirmation. The internal portion of the body is further strengthened to support vertical and horizontal supports. These chairs can folded and used in hospital, clinic and surgery for patients and accompaniers.

The standard configuration contains a vacuum tube, a vacuum meter and pipe joints,to be widely used in auto repair, leak tests, experiments, vacuum packaging and so on. Our medical chairs main export to Europe, Africa, Middle East, South America and Asia etc markets.

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