Saws - Super Handy New Global 450Watt Mini Circular Hand Saw With Laser Guide - in case with blades + acc. LifestyleHoliday AccommodationDifferent types of accommodation to consider this festive period. GLOBAL MINI CIRCULAR HAND SAWExtremely handy little but powerful 450watt saw!Brand new in carry caseThe GCS450 mini hand-held circuit saw is a clever, compact DIY tool which can perform cutting-to-size jobs with very high precision in numerous materials. The Engineers and Product Specialists at Makita have revolutionized the cordless power tool industry by providing a lightweight, high powered, ergonomically designed line of compact power tools. Makitaa€™s new line of LXT Circular Saws have been designed specifically for Lithium Ion technology and provide 18 Volts of power from the size of a 12 Volt tool. With the new Makita 4 pole maximum torque motor energy is produces every 90 degrees on the magnetic field rather than every 180 degrees like the competition, and the motor is supported with two steel ball bearings for more durability. Perform laser-guided one-handed cuts with the lightweight VersaCut from Rockwell and leave the bulky circ saw on the bench.
This question is from Versacut 4 Amp Mini Circular Saw 2 answers Can the Rocwell Versacut RK3440K metal blade cut 22 gauge butler tin? The customer reviews over at Sears are mostly all positive although one guy (Yakov) only gives it one star saying that the switch and the guard are difficult. This little guy costs about $100 (the same price as the Croc Saw) and if it works it's definitely a fair price for this tool. As I was thumbing through Handy, the magazine, they had a little receomendation on the Clarke Crocodile Circular Saw Kit.

It apperantly was a standout at the National Hardware show and Poupular Mechanics recomends.
On a related topic, I'm very seriously considering buying the Makita LXT 18v driver-drill and impact wrench kit. After looking at the Clarke pictures, I'm concerned whether you could use it with a clamp-n-guide or lots of other straight edges. I'm thinking of something that can easily be used one handed for quick cut offs on small stock. I might one day go with something like the PC, but I"ve really been looking for something smaller. We need styles that are quick and easy to maintain without having to wake up at the break of dawn every morning to get it right.
Saws are brand new in the case with 2 blades, allen keys, parallel guide, dust extractor fitting and instructions. This results in a 40 percent lighter 18 Volt tool that is extremely well balanced and fits like a glove. Makita tools are the longest lasting and have the most efficient motors in the power tool industry. This 4 Amp mini circular saw has enough oomph to cut through steel tubing, concrete, tile, hardwood, metal, laminate, siding and more. However, you also do have the option to use any other brand blade with it, as long as the blade and arbor size are the same.

It looks like a better version of the disappointing Croc Saw minus all of the multi-material functionality that wasn't all that functional anyway. It looks like a better version of the disappointing Croc Saw minus all of the multi-material functionality that wasn't all that functional anyway.
To get WoodenBoat delivered to your door or computer, mobile device of choice, etc, click WB Subscriptions. I've bought some of their reconditioned Bosch tools that are literally indistinguishable from new for about 50% of the new price.
Get up to 3500 RPM in this handheld tool and relish the ease and quickness with which you are able to plough through cuts.
This one is essentially a three inch circular saw with an emphasis on the plunge cutting ability.
Low power, flimsy drive train, difficult blade changes, awkward safety switch, crude depth setting, etc, etc, etc. This device is well-balanced and its ergonomically designed handle empowers users to saw with confidence. The display model in the store that we played with seemed like it was easy to use and didn't have all of the blade guard issues that plagued the Croc Saw.

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