Goal: Each employee using hand and power tools will recognize definitions and types of portable tools, the potential hazards connected with their use, including manual, electric, pneumatic, hydraulic, liquid-fueled, powder-actuated, and abrasive wheel tools, and will demonstrate the proper procedures required for each type of tool.
Hand and Power Tools is an intermediate online safety course on how to handle power tools of all types in a safe manner on the job site.
This online safety course is designed for construction workers who work with and around hand and power tools. This Hand and Power Tool safety course will teach you about the hazards of using hand and portable power tools on the job site.

By taking ClickSafety’s Hand and Power Tools online safety course, we will teach you how to use hand and power tools safely. Objective: Identify general hazards associated with hand and power tool use, and the safety practices that will prevent these hazards. You will be informed of OSHA’s hand and power tools regulations for avoiding accidents and preventing injuries. In addition, you will be provided with types of mechanical hazards, types of tools and precautionary measures to ensure your understanding of tool safety.

You will be presented with the basics of hand and power tool safety procedures and safe guards you should know about on the job site. In addition, you will be informed of the selection, proper use, maintenance, inspection and care of hand and power tools.

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