SDS Plus Hammer Rock Drill Bits, View rock drill bits, GUSHI,OEM Product Details from Huzhou Gus Imp. Pretty much the first piece of DIY that Heather and I have had to do on the house is stripping back all of the existing plaster….on every wall! The hammer drill I went for was the Bosch PBH 2000 RE SDS Rotary Hammer Drill retailing at ?79.93 (at the time of writing from Homebase). I almost went for a different model that was a beast of a machine and I reckon it weighed almost as much as me, but I think my arms might have snapped off long before I got anyway near this. It came to a bit of trial and error with the chisel bits – I went with the homebase own brand to start. In the end, I bought two chisel drill bits that I kept swapping out during use (every 30 mins or as soon as one got really hot) and they have now lasted 7 straight days of 7 hours a day plaster stripping each day. If you have any top tips from your own projects or any questions, share them in the comments below. We specilizing in manufacturing TCT saw blade, tungsten carbide, carbide tip, carbide rob, SDS plus drill bit, SDS Max Drill bit, hammer drill bit, chisels and sharp chisels, connected shanks, all kinds of holesaw tips.

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If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. A few internet searches and a well placed question to some friends and I discovered SDS hammer drill was the way to go. It was fine to start off with but the intense work out downstairs meant that it snapped at the drill end of the shaft after a days use. The two I eventually settled on were theĀ  own brand flat SDS chisel drill bit from Homebase which measure 250mm x 20mm (it came in a three part set with gouge and point chisel’s).
At the moment I am finding the larger spade chisel better for plaster over flat regular red brick walls, whilst the smaller homebase chisel has been better for the plaster which is over the uneven and much older sandstone walls.
It’s pretty hard to go wrong and cause any damage as long as you are careful and use your common sense.
On the first floor the sockets tend to run into the floor whilst the light switches run into the ceiling.

Well, we got several enormous quotes from several electricians to rip the existing electrics out of walls and get access to the brick work – the wiring has been hacked and modified to death over the last forty years and then set in the plaster. I also bought the Bosch SDS Spade Chisel from Screwfix (?16.89 at time of writing) which measured 250mm x 40mm.
I suspect it is more to do with the size of the chisels – the more even you think the brick surface is underneath, the bigger chisel head you should probably go for.
It saves you a bucket load of cash on tradesmen, you get to know the finer hidden details of your house and you get some serious exercise – all of which is extremely rewarding at the end of a day.
We decided that the best thing to do would be to get all of the render off of the walls to bring the cost down. Better still, turn off the electricity at the fuse box and do these small bits by hand with a traditional chisel and club hammer.

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