BRIAN BEDRICK is Managing Director of Interactive Data Partners (IDP), which provides data dashboards that help schools use data more effectively. Data Analysis for Decision Making in International SchoolsThe American School of Doha (ASD) and Interactive Data Partners (IDP) will share case studies in data mining and analysis to drive data informed decisions that impact student performance and operational aspects of the school.
TERESA FRY is the Director of Teaching and Learning at the American International School of Dhaka, Bangladesh. Working with MAP Data to See Trends, Ask Questions, and Meet the Needs of StudentsThis session will assist participants to locate high yield MAP reports, interpreting them to ask questions, and then translating them into Excel worksheets to analyze for trends and comparisons.
JACKIE GILBERT is Associate Director and the staff liaison for PK-12 Districts and Schools for the Middle States Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools (MSA-CESS). KELLY CHRISTIAN is the Director of Operations for the Middle States Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools (MSA-CESS). Global Literacies and Other MSA Programs of DistinctionDo you have a program that could serve as an exemplar of excellence for other schools?
KELBY ZENOR, a Senior Associate at Rubicon International, coordinates and presents professional development programs nationally and internationally. STEVE ROBERTS is an Education Associate at Rubicon International and plays a lead role in the integration of Atlas with emerging technologies.
Neurobiological Basis of Learning: Why Is Differentiation Necessary?We will examine basic brain anatomy and physiology related to learning, and connect this to the efficacy of instructional methods such as differentiation.
ASH PUGH is Recruitment Manager at Teach Away Inc, an award-winning international teacher recruitment agency. NATE SWENSON has an extensive background in education ranging from federal programs administrator, district assessment coordinator, and curriculum director. Portable Digital Media - A Diet for Your Backpack!Not only have over-sized backpacks caused physical problems for students over the years, they also clearly indicate a lack of access to more portable digital media resources known to engage and inspire students.
Essential Components of an Emergency and Crisis Management ProgramClearpath EPM will share the key components of successful emergency and crisis management programs in international schools.
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He serves as the school’s Chief Financial Officer and manages facilities, security, operations, admissions, human resources, development and analytics. She gathers, manages and analyzes data related to school performance in student learning, professional development and financial management by applying different quantitative and qualitative techniques.

Prior to IDP, Mr Bedrick was a nuclear engineer for the US Department of Defense, Director of Internet Transformation at AT&T, and Vice President of E-Commerce at General Electric. They will provide an overview of the methodology, process and tools used to obtain, manipulate and display data for an expert and non-expert audience. She has been an educator for 23 years and earned her Masters in Educational Leadership in 2007. See how a PLC can guide, change, and improve teaching practice and ultimately student learning and achievement.
She is the designated associate for all overseas schools and the primary contact for accrediting associations that work cooperatively with MSA-CESS. Ms Christian works with the Executive Director to manage domestic and international operations, and oversees MSA's international volunteer program that connects schools with teams of highly skilled volunteers. Learn about the Middle States Association’s Programs of Distinction (PODS) that recognize outstanding programs within MSA and partner agency schools. His main research interest is physiology of learning, with a special focus on genetic and neurobiological foundations of the learning process. He has advised on teacher hiring in Abu Dhabi, Kazakhstan, and Korea, which highlighted the absence of high-quality, accessible TEFL training for international educators. Educators require specific training to ensure students are best supported in achieving desired learning outcomes. Additionally, Mr Swenson got his start as a classroom teacher for grades K, 3, 4, and 6 in Minnesota. Explore exciting, new ways to provide students unlimited access to just-right media resources on digital devices, and learn how this helps ELL students in their acquisition of the English language.
State Department Senior Regional Security Officer (RSO) with over 25 years experience providing security assistance and crisis management planning for government, corporate, NGOs and international schools in every region of the world.
Learn real strategies to identify your vulnerabilities, to mitigate your risks and to increase the safety and security of your campuses and students. ASD’s analytic function focuses on introducing data analysis into decision making, Board reporting and instructional strategies to improve student learning. She has a Master Degree in International Development Economics from Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft (University of Applied Science for Technology and Economics), Germany, and a BA in Economics from Mount Holyoke College, USA. He has a Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Michigan and an MBA from Rollins College.

Ms Fry has presented workshops and written about Teacher Inquiry, Collaboration, PLC’s, Teacher Autonomy, Leadership and Workshop Facilitation Skills for the British Columbia Teachers Federation, American Education Research Association, as well as individual school districts. Mr Chadwell has analyzed MAP data for many years, assisting administrators to raise questions from the data and see possible trends, presenting information to parents about school wide implications, and working with teachers to use data to better meet the needs of students. She has taught at the early childhood, high school and college levels, and has served in administration and professional development. Assess your school for excellence against internationally recognized Standards and Indicators of Quality in these fields: Early Childhood Education, Global Literacies, Music, 21st Century Skills, Service Learning, School Counseling, STEM, Visual Arts and World Languages. With her expertise in the facilitation of critical conversations, necessary for a successful curriculum review process, she offers workshops through the Atlas Education Centre. After 22 years of classroom teaching, Mr Lewis changed direction and entered the educational software arena.
He is collaborating with e-learning companies and teachers to translate the findings of medical research into usable data in K-12 classrooms.
As a qualified secondary math and science teacher, she has worked abroad, teaching both national curriculum and ESL.
Via case studies and world-class research, University of Toronto TEFL Online will explain how professional development in TEFL has become essential in the international classroom, and demonstrate how accessible these skills can be with industry-leading online learning. He has served as a principal for the past 13 years, and is currently Middle School Principal at The American International School of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia. His post-government career was in senior executive and consultative positions at major international corporations. She plays a major role in the implementation and training of international schools, particularly in Asia and Australia.
His interests lie in improving the ability of teachers to effectively use software in their classrooms. Ms Manning identifies the importance of active engagement, scaffolding and student-centered lessons in the classroom.
Mr Mills is a Certified Protection Professional (CPP), awarded by ASIS International, the world's leading professional security association.

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