Whether you're cutting back old weeds & plants or removing an old tree stump, FTH Hire Group have the tools to help. A powerful but lightweight brush cutter from FTH Hire Group suitable for cutting back weeds, undergrowth and long grass. A highly effective stump grinder from FTH Hire Group used to destroy and remove tree stumps and stubborn roots up to 330mm below ground level. A powerful, compact stump grinder from FTH Hire Group with the added benefit of being on tracks.
The Rayco RG25HD from FTH Hire Group is a heavy duty professional Stump Grinder for large tree stump removal. This lightweight, portable spray extraction carpet cleaner is ideal for domestic carpets in households and small offices.
The 1530H has a semi-automatic hydrostatic transmission, simply press the front section of the transmission pedal to move forward, the harder you press the faster your speed.

Fitted with a 452cc Mountfield Series 7750 OHV four stroke engine, this 1530H tractor may be small but it has power to spare. When everything's cleared we can also supply the equipment you need to remove it from site. The blades contra rotate and direct grass cuttings through the wide rear discharge chute into the collector. Light steering and an incredibly tight turning circle make the Mountfield 1530H a class leader.
Changing between moving forwards and backwards is seamless, ideal when you have obstacles or tight corners to negotiate. Keeping your tractor in tip-top condition is easy, the cutting deck has a washing connector; simply snap on a hose, turn on the water, run the blades for a minute or two and the job is done!
Collection is cleaner and more powerful due to the direct centre rear discharge, in conjunction with the throw and air volume generated by two blades.

The cutting result is also visibly improved as a twin bladed deck follows the ground contours better and is therefore less likely to scalp the grass. Grass cuttings are blown into the large 240 litre rear mounted collector, which has an alarm to alert the operator when the collector is full. The collector can be emptied from the drivers seat, simply pull the lever up and tip out the grass.

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