We here at TheManStore.Org strive to deliver you the most desired and essential manly goods availble in today's market to help you achieve a better life of virility, freedom and masculinity. The Man Store is the total accumulation of different manly lifestyles and the necessary products to accompany them. Hey guys – finally joined this excellent forum after being a spectator for quite some time. I am looking to purchase a first table saw and going to take a look at a craftsman model 315.228390 this weekend.
Any other comments or experiences relating to the quality of this saw model would be appreciated too, I’ve found some information including a review from a couple years ago on this forum.
Thanks for the input- I’ll bring a ruler or something with me just to take an accurate measurement of the slot size but yes i am trying to get a saw that is substantial enough to be a good first saw for woodworking but not spend too much, I think this might be about the right kind of thing.
If you have such a saw you can use a sled that has guide rails that go on the outside of the table, there is no real need for the guides to go in the miter slots.
The fence on mine is mediocre at best, very finicky to set parallel to the blade and pretty much never 90 degrees to the table. The saw itself has decent power and will cut through 2 inches of hard maple without too much trouble. I owned a craftsman table saw years ago and found it to be a substandard tool and a company with poor customer service. It doesn’t have any dust collection but I might get one of those cloth basket type setups with a vac hose port that you attach to the bottom of the saw like this.

I made a couple of test cuts pushing a 2×4 through it, it did pretty well but there were small burn marks where it went through big knots. Any suggestions on a set-up jig or a reasonably priced long-lasting general purpose woodworking blade?
BTW, even though i sometimes use and incra 1000SE, an incra v27 or an osborne eb-3 are a good value, better miter gauge, respectively, than my 1000SE. I have a 113 saw (Emerson) made in 1996 and I have both a Incra and Osborne EB-3 that work very well. I splurged and spent some of the money I did not spend on a brand new table saw for a Freud Premier Fusion Thin Kerf blade and an igaging digital saw gage from Amazon, with these I hope I can make some really good, predictable cuts without binding, burning, or having to force the work through. Before you pick up those woodworking tools, take the time to ensure your safety in the shop! If you are selling your work, then you have entered a woodworking dimension with added complexity and stress. DISCLAIMER: Any posts on LJ are posted by individuals acting in their own right and do not necessarily reflect the views of LJ. Also has no dust collection but I built a cabinet and enclosed the entire thing other than a few small holes for air to flow in and the dust collection is great now.
I get by with it but would prefer a more solid hybrid or cabinet saw (or even contractor saw with better built accessories). I don’t have any experience with more recent sears saws but I know there are better saws out there.

I guess it’s time to get some kind of a saw set-up jig and put in the effort to get everything lined up really really straight (I suspect the fence may be slightly out of parallel). Something that could help me with setting for angled cuts in addition to vertical cuts would be ideal. Does any one know if all the craftsman saws have the small slots, or if this particular model does?
Since you are buying what sounds like a cabinet saw, I’m betting that you will be fine. Right now I have, umm, a cheap combo square… I can hold it up to the blade, that is about it. The left wing is stamped steel and needs a little adjustment to sit perfectly level with the top but that can be handled in due time.
It’s so loose in the slot it probably has 5 degrees of error in it with the movement back and forth. It came with an upgraded blade that the previous owner had put on there (rigid brand I think, not sure the exact one).

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