The STEEL SAW 5 displays incredible cutting capabilities through the toughest applications. Features include a useful laser guide to assist with accurate cutting and bevel tilt enhancing the versatility of the saw. We want to give you the best information possible regarding your order at Trick-Tools and product availability is very important to us. Cut Steel*, Aluminium, Wood with embedded nails, all with a single RAGE multipurpose blade. The Evolution RAGE multipurpose circular saws are perfect for large-scale projects, enabling you to glide through heavy-duty timber and sheet materials with ease. Available in 185mm and 230mm blade diameter sizes, these circular saws will deliver quick and accurate cutting to a professional standard.
A parallel guide (for help when rip cutting), attached to the sole plate will boost the accuracy and flexibility of your circular saw, making accurate straight cuts at a set distance from an edge. The depth adjuster's easy to use design, allows you to change the height of the saw body relative to the sole plate.

All Evolution's multipurpose saws have a high torque motor that runs at a much lower RPM when compared to most other brands. This lower speed is suited to the advanced design of the Evolution blade, and helps achieve optimum blade cutting performance across a variety of materials. The RAGE circular saws provide you with secure and comfortable handles to give you smooth and controlled glide cutting. Evolution multipurpose saws are readily equipped with multipurpose Tungsten Carbide Tipped (TCT) blades. Compared to abrasive discs the RAGE TCT blades are more economical, safer, cleaner and don't produce any heat, dust and virtually any sparks when cutting mild steel, aluminium and wood with embedded nails. This cold cutting technology allows you to work with a newly cut piece of mild steel instantly.
Safety is the number one priority, which is why our circular saws are designed to keep a rotating saw blade out of harms way at all times.
The blade is only revealed when the blade guard is being pushed open by the workpiece that is being cut.

The powerful 1750-watt motor allows this machine to breeze through mild steel without heat build-up, burrs or the use of coolant. As soon as the saw leaves the workpiece, the spring mechanism immediately forces the blade guard shut.
Evolution saws are much cleaner, faster, and safer than torches, portabands and other methods. Pioneering dry cutting technology EvolutionSteel products are well established within the steel industry and enjoy a strong worldwide reputation. Evolution backs the Steel Saw1 saw with a 3 year warranty and offers a large variety of blades available for most cutting applications.

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