Designed to take the weight off of your lower back and hips while making your tools more accessible.
So if you want your 15-25 some odd pounds of tools and materials to take less of a toll on your body, I would strongly recommend this Tool vest thing. The third problem is the material that lines the inside of the vest and forms the pockets of the vest.
Overall, I enjoy using this vest but the above mentioned oversights in design make me wonder how much longer it's going to last, and at price of $170 this is not a purchase I plan to make every six months because the vest keeps falling apart. The Stanley FMST530201 FATMAX Tool Vest is designed with different tool compartments for easy carriage and convenient access to frequently used tools.
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This particular vest is a bit big on me as I'm only 5 foot 9 and I had to take the drawstrings all the way in.
There are lots of things I like about this vest, and some shortcomings that have really disappointed me.
First, I bought the deep pouch attachment for this vest and every rivet in the vest that I've attached the pocket to has worked loose and come off so essentially now the only thing supporting the pouch is the material itself, which is slowly but surely tearing.
The back support actually did a good job of taking some of the strain off my shoulders, it seems like if I'm not wearing it my shoulders and neck muscles begin to feel strained from the weight of the vest. In addition to being torn by the Velcro, the way the body belt is threaded through the back of the vest results in the tearing of the material in the back causing another lack of functionality in the body belt.
Since they zip upward instead of downward, I find lots of times that my movement or simply continued brushing against them causes them to unzip which eventually leads to stuff falling out of the opened pockets. Putting back on a tool belt and some belt suspenders might be the better and cheaper option.
It also has personal storage compartments for your personal belongings like a mobile phone, ipod, etc.

The STIHL Forestry Tool Vest distributes weight evenly across your shoulders and includes multiple pockets for carrying items such as wedges, a two-way radio or cell phone and other tools. We integrate product development, manufacture, sale, and concentrates on custom product designing and packaging.
The tool sleeves and tool loops provide easy and convenient storage of numerous hand tools. I would gave given it five stars except for the attached back support and the location of the hammer clip.
The basic external design is great, I love the pocket positions and the vest has been doing what I hoped it would do, which is remove the pressure on my lower back when wearing a tool belt. The only bad part is, the back support attachment around your waist is Velcro, which after two months is barely sticking together making the back support useless. The inner pockets, which are very handy are formed of this same thin material is not conducive to storing stuff you might want to keep in your vest, such as screws our nails or anything that might have a sharp point. I imagine the purpose is to keep the vest close to you but imo it just makes it a bit more cumbersome. We provide OEM packing according to customers' requirements which makes our customers win good reputation in their markets. Eyelets located along the bottom of the vest allow for the attachment of accessories (sold separately) to further customize the vest to specific tasks. The back support should be left out altoghter and the hammer Clip needs to be moved to the side, otherwise the vest must be removed to sit down. My boss and several of my co-workers have looked it over and I'm pretty sure a few of the guys are gonna want one. Overall, the layout has pretty much allowed me to condense my entire tool belt plus a few extra items into my vest. This rough part of the Velcro is also presenting another problem, the Velcro is rubbing against the inner left pocket and has actually torn out the pocket due to the the constant rubbing of the Velcro against the material. Anything with a sharp point easily punches through the material of the pockets creating holes in them that stuff begins to fall into.

This vest has adjustable shoulder straps for maximum comfort and a secure fit - allows it to be adjustable to different sizes, and fits on different cloth whether summer or winter - one size fits all. If you are interested in our products, pls feel free to contact us, we are glad to serve you at any time.
A free-floating back support belt is built in to the vest to provide added safety while lifting heavy objects. This vest features special reinforcement for sharp tools and nails, allows the holding and securing of important papers and documents, and the modular tool pouch and hammer holder can be removed upon request.
Access for a fall support harness to be worn under the vest is located on the back of the vest.
The two options pockets allow for user versatility; attached to vest or semi attached fit different working positions.
When I first got it the clips in the front to fasten the vest around you were pretty stiff.. Aside from the pockets you see in the picture it has 2 internal pockets and to zipper pockets on the front.
I was afraid I wouldnt get the darn thing off, but after time they've become more easy to squeeze on and off.
Size adjustments are located on the sides and front of the vest to help customize the vest to the user.
Made from the same 1280D Nylon material originally designed for Flak Jackets this commercial grade tool vest will take anything you can throw at it.

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