Gutta tips are needed to create a thin line of gutta or resist for detailed design of any silk painting. Gutta tips in 3 sizes, stainless steel tips pop right on top of the plastic applicator bottles.
Suspension claw hooks for stretching silk-Rubber band loops through rounded end and then pins to stretcher bar. Set of 2 plastic syringes for gutta application, use for precise application directly on fabric and paint mixing. After doing this putting acceleration drill, you will find that three footers are much easier!

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Fine steel claws hook into silk for a smooth stretch an easy, inexpensive system for silk painting. FiberJourneys is a travel journal with a focus on fashion, traditional fibers and a photographic view into the world of textiles in other cultures. The main reason this happens is because the golfer takes too big of a backswing and then has to slow down through impact to avoid hitting the putt too hard. Repeat pushing the ball into the hole five times and then practice some three foot putts while using a normal stroke.

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