Next, you've got to place the chain on the saw and attache the saw to the housing.This is the most challenging part of assembling this electric pol saw and it wasn't hard to do, just a little fiddly.
The one thing I can say in favor of this corded electric pole saw is that it is very easy to put together. Every spring and fall home owners are faced with the chore of trimming over grown branches off the taller trees in their yard. Battery Operated Electric Black & Decker 18 Volt Powerful motor that does not get in the way of view while trimming limbs and branches.
Long handled trimmer to reach high branches has a branch cutter and saw blade for cutting through large limbs easily.
Adjustable length pole with locking action has a branch cutter shears on the end as well as a strong saw to cut through thick limbs.
Tags: chainsaw, cut tree, cut trees, dcs4610, electric chainsaw, electric saw, logging, makita, saw, tree, trees, uc4030a. Do not operate pole saw when in a tree, on a ladder or any other unstable surface, or in an awkward position. Meet Steve, a wikiHowian of over 4 years who loves patrolling tips and making quick edits through Recent Changes patrol. Sometimes a tree simply needs a light pruning, some must be limed up and some branches hang over a house or building and can be a danger to the home. Kit comes with battery, battery charger, blade guard, carrying bag, oil bottle and tool wrench. Do not operate the pole saw or chainsaw while under the influence of alcohol, medication, or drugs, in rain or wet or damp areas, or where highly flammable liquids or gases are present.

If the pole or saw is damaged, adjusted wrong, or not fully and securely assembled, don't use it. Make sure you have a clear work area, a planned retreat path for falling limbs, and secure footing to operate from. To reduce the risk of electrical shock, this saw has a polarized plug (one blade is wider than the other).
Unplug it, return the telescoping pole to the shortest position, and hold the unit at its balance point (close to the saw end).
A versatile limb cutter head for easy reach even through dense foliage without having to drag out a ladder.
Electric Chain Saw combines more power and less weight in a more compact size for efficient cutting.
Wear heavy-duty gloves (rubber gloves when operating outdoors), steel toe safety footwear with non-skid soles, eye protection such as safety glasses, goggles, or face screen, a safety hard hat, ear muffs or earplugs, a hair covering to contain long hair, and a face or dust mask (if working in dusty areas).
Use the chainsaw without the pole attachment and only if you're trained or have expert help. When wood tension is released, limb could spring back and strike operator causing serious injury or death. True to his username, CoffeeLover, the first article he worked on was How to Make Coffee Soda, while his favorite article he’s edited here was How to Sweep a Girl off Her Feet. Usually tall tree pruning involves getting out a ladder and attempting the task with a pair of short handled loppers for garden tools. Good balance, low weight with a rear mount engine to allow for comfortable working position.

The chainsaw motor delivers 2,600 FPM, with a large trigger switch with soft start for smooth start-ups and an electric chain brake for maximum productivity. He loves helping people in any way he can, and he appreciates how anyone can help improve wikiHow articles.
Ease-of-use features include a large oil reservoir with an easy-to-view window for quick oil level checks, an automatic chain oiler for heavy continuous cutting and rubberized grip handles for increased comfort. Not only is a tree trunk circular, it’s often not wide enough to fit the entire ladder. For increased efficiency, the UC4030A has one-touch “tool-less” blade and chain adjustments. Today a gardener can get cutting equipment such as long handled pole trimmers for pruning tall tree limbs.
These pruners may be hand powered, compound loppers with extending poles or powers by electric cords or gas. They can feature saw like cutting tools on the ends, or chain saw like equipment.A few are even battery operated.

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