Because it makes trimming trees, shrubs, tall bushes and hedges easier and time efficient, the electric pruning saw is among the tools that passionate gardeners just can’t do without.
Because most electric saws available on the market come with a 14-foot extension cord, you will inevitable find yourself underneath it when pruning tree branches. In addition to avoid standing directly under the branches being pruned, it is highly advisable to keep an eye out for loose leaves, twigs and other debris that might be thrown towards you unexpectedly.
More often than not, kickback occurs due to the poor maintenance of the pruning saw and especially because the gardener didn’t check if the blades are sharpened or if the utensil is well-oiled before using it. Even though you are the proud owner of an electric saw featuring the latest technology, you still need to perform maintenance regularly to keep your gadget in good working condition.
You should never work with power tools without wearing the proper equipment like safety goggles, gloves and sturdy shoes. A good friend of mine recently moved into the neighborhood and, for one of his initial projects, he wanted to re-tile his three bathrooms. While you may be thinking the price is so low, you’ll be happy it lasts long enough to finish the one job, think again– this beast is a keeper!
I came across this video on YouTube this morning, submitted by a customer in 2010 who bought his tile saw back in 2006, and I thought it’d be a good way to show the machine in action.
Strange music compilation aside, this is an excellent illustration of the saw’s consistent, stellar performance. I just borrowed it from him again last month, to tile the shop bathroom (porcelain, pics at link below).
My buddy (co-worker) and I were in HF the other day, and noticed that they sell the same saw now, 8 years later, for the same money, and now, it comes with a folding stand, which his did not. Also, if you’re looking for mobility with your projects, you might want to consider the Central Machinery Folding Power Tool Stand #40612, also at Harbor Freight. For more insight into the Chicago Electric 2.5 hp tile-brick saw, check out the customer reviews on our site!

My2 cents: if you are planning to do just two bathrooms, I suggest get a nice grinder and tile blades and dry cut all. I agree with those who direct you to a good score and snap and the grinder with diamond blade. Furthermore, because it helps you deal with dead or dying branches quickly, the pruning saw will also save you some cash as you no longer need to call in a professional. In order to avoid potential injuries resulting from falling wood it is recommended that you position yourself to the side as you trim.
In addition, you should make sure that bystanders are at least 50 feet away from your working area and hence, are at a safe distance from the flying debris.
When pruning with dull blades it is likely that the chain gets caught on the wood or the plant being cut. Besides inspecting the wiring before usage – particularly if you have pets – you should also select a dry storage area, where the utensil is not exposed to the elements.
Avoid wearing loose clothing while operating the electric pruning saw, as they can get entangled in saw’s chain and lead to dismemberment or even death.
It was warm and sunny this weekend, and all the garages in the cul-de-sac were open, shop tools howling and humming on new projects as kids took to the street with bikes and razors, and wives clustered in yards, catching up on all those mysterious lady-topics. Built in an over-sized steel frame, it comes with a precision linear bar system for smooth operation. The two-position cutting head lets you easily adjust the blade to handle tiles or bricks of various sizes. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly.
I just got a add from harbor freight and the saw is on sale for $189.99 plus I have 20% off so I can get the saw for $150.
However, let’s not forget that the utensil is also a power tool that can prove dangerous in the hands of an inexperienced gardener. As the chain stops and reverses temporarily, it could also send the power tool back towards the user, resulting in serious injury.

While rare, electrocution can also occur due to faulty overhead power lines, so don’t forget to check them out before using the electric saw. Furthermore, if you have long hair, don’t forget to keep it tied back and to avoid getting it twisted in the handle of the chain. A built-in 3-gallon-per-minute water pump and a removable, high-impact ABS water tub are also included. The thought was, “Hey, if it lasts through this job, it will have paid for itself, vs.
Im looking to get this saw to do my brothers bathroom and eventually when I get my house to do some tile in there.
Following are the main safety concerns to be aware of before employing an electrical pruning saw. However, instead of sitting under the tree branch to compensate for the shorter cord, it is better to just use a ladder. In the eventuality that you need to use a ladder, then make sure you place it on stable ground, or else you could fall and hurt yourself. Designed with a heavy-duty cast alloy column and cutting head for reduced vibration, this professional grade tile saw cuts tile up to 24”. The saw kept on working like a champ. When I was done with that job, I gave it back to my buddy with $100 and a case of beer.

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