The world’s most advanced home electric heating systems with Fuzzy Logic Energy Control. Heat just the rooms that you need heated, at the time that you want and at the exact temperature. It gets better, total control any time, any where, from your phone, tablet or PC with e-life technology direct communication system, incorporating real time synchronisation applied to the heating system. Alpha is the ultimate advanced heating system, made from the highest quality meterials and incorporating leading technology offering the best heat by natural air convection. Beta incorporates ultra low power micro controllers that works together with Fuzzy Logic Energy Control technology to provide excellent consumption savings through greater efficiency.

Our modern electric water heating solution boasts excellent efficiency enabling an equivalent ratio of consumption of only 19% of the nominal power thanks to the latest Fuzzy Logic Energy Control technology. Access your heating solution App from your smartphone, tablet or PC any time, any place with a Wi-Fi connection. Complete remote control that instantly updates your heating solution so your home is the the right tempurature for when you arrive home.
Would recommend to othersExceptional performance and attention to detail by the installation team, lead by Gavin. This level of control means you can be energy smart significantly increasing your energy efficiency.

The heating system has a built in smart data consumption meter that will send the actual energy used data to the App.

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