Sun Joe Saw Joe 8inch 65amp Electric Pole Chain SawTackle those hard-to-reach branches with ease.
Cutting down overhanging branches of differing thickness is simple with the 750W Electric Pole Saw. Complete your lawn maintenance and safely and quickly remove any overgrown limbs with a Remington Pole Saw. The Remington 10inch Electric Pole Saw allows you to cut branches which are 15 feet above the ground with no ladders are required. Equipped with an adjustable telescoping pole, this Remington Electric Pole Saw let you reach overhead branches up to 15ft.
Extending your capacity to reach overhead branches up to 15 feet, this Remington’s Branch Wizard Pro electric pole saw allows you to tame your trees easily and quickly. Featuring a lightweight design and 7-foot long fiberglass pole, this pole saw allows you to cut branches up to 6 inches thick and up to 12-foot reach with less strain. This pole saw extends your capacity to reach overhead branches up to 14 feet depending on operator height. This entry was posted in Pole Saws, Saws and tagged Best Remington Pole Saw, Pole Saw, Remington, Remington Pole Saw on August 22, 2013 by longer. Where would I find such a part and if there is a part number I would truly appreciate the headsup.

ExpertiseSmall Engine Service Center Co-Owner - ATVs, Mowers, Trimmers, Snow throwers, and Many Other Small Engine Operated Equipment. The Saw Joe SWJ800E pole chain saw takes some of the danger and difficulty out of trimming overgrown trees. The Sun Joe® Saw Joe SWJ800E pole chain saw takes the danger and difficulty out of trimming your overgrown trees.
You can easily reach high branches and bushes with no ladders are required with a Remington Electric Pole Saw.
Made from aluminum, the hex-shaped inner pole features a durable strength and rigidity during extended-reach operations. Featuring a split boom design, this unit allows you to use the pole with a variety of lawn tools. Just that the plastic locking nut that tightens the two poles when extended has a tear all the way through and as it is now, it is impossible to have the pole extended and held in place.
If you See I am Maxxed Out, then Try Submitting your Question at or Just After 8pm EST (US). I can answer questions pertaining to Most Small Engines (Air and Water Cooled) and their Associated Equipment as well as Lawn and Garden Equipment, e.g. A length extending to 2.7m provides up to 4m reach with the removable shaft useful for compact storage.

It also features a 10-inch guide bar, a non-slip grip, a low-kickback chain, instant start with no pull cords and a trigger lock to prevent accidental starting.
This pole chain saw features an 8"Oregon bar and a chain with a self-tension mechanism. Continuous cutting is possible due to automatic chain and bar lubrication, reducing energy levels for long tasks. Remington saws are now part of MTD which manufacturers a complete line of outdoor power equipment. The inner pole is made from aluminum for extra strength and control during extended-reach operations. Plus, the SWJ800E comes equipped with a built-in safety switch to prevent accidental starting. This was a Full Course on Complete Dis-assembly and Repair of ALL Components pertaining to Engines, Transmissions, Rear Ends, Electrical.

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