The jigsaw cuts up to a 45A? angle and locks in place so you can make things like picture frames with perfect edges. Blade included with this model, however if you need more, just look at our range of jigsaw blades ranging from 6T – 32T in store. This Royalty-Free stock photo 'Electric Jigsaw' is created by Alex Maxim and can be licensed for your advertising, corporate, editorial or other use by clicking 'License this Image' to the right of the preview. This photo can be used as a book or e-book cover, on your company`s website, as a part of an advertising display or a poster and in many other different applications.
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Though it's in the dictionary, and we know what a jigsaw puzzle is, how it came to be called this would make for an interesting discussion. Latticework is a similar idea, although some lattice is woven lath rather than sawn pattern. The fret-as-pattern word goes back to the late 1300s.Jigsaw, as a vertical reciprocating saw (so, not the same as a band saw, where the blade travels in one direction in a big circle) only dates from the mid 1800s. If you re-jig something you change its configuration, literally or metaphorically, usually to improve the work it assists with. And, yes, it is thought the up-and-down of the saw was related to the up-and-down of a jig dance.

And, yes, it is thought the up-and-down of the saw was related to the up-and-down of a jig dance.No, the etymologies are different, even though the words look the same in today's English.

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