I went to the nyc home depot and the only tool i could rent that may possibly get the clutch bell nut off is an 18v electric impact driver (not impact wrench). I have a bunch of the Ryobi 18v cordless tools and I use the Impact driver all the time with my scoot, works great. I think propane torch to heat the nut up and the strap wrench listed above would work for you and cheapest.
I bought it one night after fighting with the ball joints on my dad’s car for 2 nights.
The only thing I can see, admittedly just by looking at the specs, it seems that the electric models have much lower torque than the air powered versions.
Looking forward to the review–someone just featured a car kit with a mini electric impact wrench aimed at quick changing flat tires.
We have a full shop at work with plenty of air, but I still reach for a 20 year old Craftsman Electric Impact Wrench.
Most satisfying day of ever working on a car though – I got so much done and those air tools were so frickin powerful, I fixed all sorts of issues quickly.
It comes with a 5 year warantee and only cost a little more than the other brands if you shop around. I used the HF wrench and it had to hammer on them in place for a while, but it did eventually bust them all loose. The HF Chicago Electric corded model ($40 on freq sales )is great for occasional use but I think the specs are are overstated .
I just bought one of this tool at lowes and used it right away to change my tire and doesn’t work at all!!!.
I have a pretty old Craftsman Coommercial Adjusta-Torque Trigger Control electric Impact tool There doesn’t seem to be any adjustment for torque and has no torque.
My coment is just the same as the one from DNero: I have an allegheny 24 volt impact wrench, but the batteries keep dying, I have bouth 2 extra batteries, both are no good I have one that is with tool and seam to be working for now. Charlie R { Conductive hook and loop tape was used extensively in the Space Shuttle program for temporarily installed protective covers on the SRB booster segments. Chris { Rumor has it harbor freight was forced to discontinue the machine for patent issues. Beaver Tool Hire (Chichester) Limited has branches on the West Sussex and East Hampshire border. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. This rugged electric impact wrench delivers plenty of power without the need for a compressor.

Don't know if you have an air compressor but I'd go that route if you can.That's what i used until i moved into a closet sized apartment in nyc and don't have access to a compressor. In many cases you will have to hit it with half a turn by hand just to make sure it’s tight but it certainly cuts down on the time and wrist strain involved in taking things apart and putting them back together. I would have guessed the battery powered models would be lower in torque, but I would think the corded electric models should be able to muster a decent amount of torque. Works great, especially when you need an impact wrench and you don’t have a compressor handy.
I will have to dig that up–unless it was featured here and then I am feeling not too smart.
It has a varabile speed motor, plenty of power and you don’t have to listen to an air compressor run to use it. I went to Lowes and checked out the Kobalt one above, and the HF one that I also saw seemed to be identical. I had one from Canadian Tire (Motomaster) and all their stuff has a lifetime warranty – I wrecked one by completely abusing it and just took it back for a replacement. That’s exactly what I was wondering if the exact same impact wrench from HF would do!
At first it seemed like it would be great I was able to do one or two jobs with it but after that the battery would never hold a charge long enough to make this tool any good at all anymore.
I want to buy another or battery to have an extra one, buy I don’t find the place where to buy it. Many of our staff have been with us in excess of 20 years and consequently have a huge wealth of experience in the hire trade. Built with a cast aluminum nose for durability the lightweight, high impact housing on this electric impact wrench means less user fatigue.
It seemed spinning the bolt faster with more torque was the only thing that was going to make it spin up. Makes tearing motorcycles apart on the lift go much quicker, especially for engine side covers, which are usually held in place with many 6×1 8mm hex head or 5mm allen head screws. A warranty that is honored without a song and a dance is the mana all tool users dream about. I would like to know if he has one like mine and if he could send me a copy of the owner manual.
Originally I gouth them at a Pep Boys store in Downey California, but they dont have them anymore, which is worse they don’t even remember they some time ago sold that tool brand. You will appreciate their friendly welcome and find them competent and happy to share their knowledge and expertise with you.

Reading some of the negative reviews i can't help but think many of these people simply aren't using it correctly. I am surprised these corded impacts haven’t been updated with smaller size, more power, less weight as the cordless versions have been. I chose the pneumatic because although now all I have is a really small mini-SUV, I used to have a really big Lincoln Town Car (yeah, I know). Really if the hardware is that stuck too much torque is just going to break the hardware on you anyways. If you’re on the fence, electric impact wrenches are also very handy for mower blades and putting lag bolts into wood (decks).
Choose your nearest branch from our hire stores in Chichester, Petersfield, Portsmouth, Fareham and Waterlooville. When I needed to replace the shocks one time, I had to use a friends air tools and if it wasn’t for them, I could have never got anything done. At first it wouldn’t deliver an impact in the loosening direction, only in the tightening direction. The car had been out all seasons for at least 1 year, so it was pretty darned rusty under there.
So I took it apart and turned around the little pawl that engages the anvil after the flywheel thingy spins up.
The exploded diagram in the instruction manual shows the pawl in the orientation I changed it to.
If you need an extention cord, use a heavy duty large guage cord, and keep it as short as possible.
If you are using regular sockets that are more prone to absorbing that energy instead of transfering it, you are losing power. Once I broke them loose, the machine worked as a time saver to remove 24 lug nuts from 4 wheels.I can not recommend this as a serious tool for lug bolt or lug nut removal. Heavy Duty Electric Impact Wrench:I bought this impact when my air impact wouldn't do the job of taking off axel bolts while I was working on my car. Heavy Duty Electric Impact Wrench:Nice to have if you need a good impact and don't have access to a high capacity air compressor. Heavy Duty Electric Impact Wrench:I used it to beat a crank pulley bolt off of a Nissan sentra and it worked.

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