Each winter, throngs of ice fishermen flock to frozen lakes and ponds to fish, drilling holes in the ice with their augers to set up their tip-ups. Lean on the handle top, with the blades at 10 o’clock from your right foot and the top of the handle under your right shoulder, holding it with your right hand. Push the hand ice auger down all the way into the hole past the blades once you break through the ice, and then pull it out. Place the auger on the ice with the sharp blades facing away from you once the hole is complete. Ice fishermen must maintain sharp blades on their manual ice augers, tools that drill holes in the ice.
The first Jiffy power ice drill was invented in 1951 by Feldmann Engineering and Manufacturing Company of Plymouth, Wisconsin.
Nils USA Hand auger easily converts to a cordless drill auger simply by removing the handle. The most modern technology available, the StrikeMaster® Lithium Lazer™ auger provides consistent speed and torque without reduced power. This lightweight and ultra-portable system converts an ordinary 18-volt cordless drill found in most anglers’ garages into a hardwater powerhouse capable of slicing and dicing the ice with a 6-inch tempered stainless bit. The folks at ION followed up on the success of their original 8-inch electric, unleashed in 2012, with a 6-inch option well suited to panfish fans. A bantamweight knockout, the Electra Lazer weighs in at less than 30 pounds, thanks in part to its weight-shaving polymer gear casing.
Designed specifically for the speedy revolutions of a hand-held electric drill, the K-Drill assembly weighs just 10 pounds, yet slices through ice at an inch per second.
Dont bother buying the ice gator, when you have a problem their customer service is horrible.
This item is not permitted to be shipped, however it can be purchased online and picked up at your convenience. Hey guys, I've read some forums on LL to get some advice on what kind of cordless drill to get for an auger.
If you feel the post above is in bad taste or violates the Rules Of Conduct please report it to the Lake-Link Moderators. I can see why someone might think for he price you might as well get a power auger or an electric auger.
At present, our typical products include various impact drills, angle grinders,cordless screwdrivers and garden machines. With more than 10 years experience, we have established comprehensive R&D and QC system. One thing that keeps many prospective ice fishermen from trying the sport is their misconception that they need to invest in an expensive gas or electric ice auger.
A new hand ice auger will come with very sharp blades and nothing is more important to being able to easily cut holes in the ice than keeping them that way. Your hand ice auger has an adjustable handle that makes it possible for you to have it at just the right height for you to drill with no problems. That way you will know when you are almost through and can brace yourself for that last push as you complete subsequent holes.
Ask other ice fishermen nearby, drill test holes very close to shore, or chop through ice close to shore with an ice spud--a long metal rod with a sharp blade.
Their fume-free operation of these electric augers is perfect for indoor drilling, while advancements in power and efficiency are giving gas augers a run for their money on the open ice as well.

But perhaps best of all, you never wear your arm out trying to start one on a sub-zero morning, since Reddy Kilowatt is always raring to go. It features a top plate (flare) that is larger than the hole being drilled to prevent the auger from ever accidentally going down the hole. Weighing a svelte 22 pounds, it’s fueled by a 40V MAX lithium-ion battery the company promises can plug more than 40 holes through two feet of ice on a single charge. Credit the performance of its powerheads, which work with various gas- and hand-auger bits, including Nils, Eskimo, and Mora. Powered by an onboard 12-volt battery pack, it also comes with a set of cables for sipping juice from external sources. You can pair it with a variety of 18-volt drills, but Vexilar recommends Milwaukee’s M18 FUEL series models for their sweet spin rates and cold-tolerant lithium ion batteries. Besides our own types, we can also stand many OEM projects in accordance with clients' specific requirements.
Due to high product quality and reliable performance, we have won the confidence of clients all over the world.
However, they can have as much success as a veteran ice angler by using a hand ice auger, at a fraction of the cost. After using your hand ice auger for a few outings you will notice that it is getting more difficult to drill holes.
The best height for it to be set at is one that enables you to place the blade on the ice, lean over just a bit and have the rotating half-disc handle top right under your right shoulder. Apply steady pressure with your right shoulder as you begin to strongly turn the handle with your left hand in a clockwise direction.
Ice chips will be coming up from the hole, making it slippery, so be careful if you have to move your feet. Ladle out the ice chunks and chips from the hole, throwing them away from the hole so that you won’t slip on them later. Along with that, there’s no warm-up period while you play with the choke until the engine wakes up.
The Lithium Lazer is equipped with a full size 8” steel drill and twin Stainless Steel Mora Lazer Blades.
Clam testing revealed it could quickly bore through a two-foot icepack, and reduce a whopping 700 inches of ice into shavings on a single battery charge. Plus, the durable, steel-geared HTT High Torque Transmission nurtures the transfer of energy well enough to milk more holes from less juice. With a 90 rpm auger rotation and 40:1 gear ratio, the drill quickly drives its twin, serrated, stainless steel Lazer blades through the thickest ice. Powered by an M18, the K-Drill’s high-carbon steel chipper blades can punch 20 holes through 20 inches of ice on a single battery. With a production base covering an area of 40,000 square meters, advanced equipment, more than 500 skilled workers and 10 engineers, and internationally recognized quality approvals, we have a monthly capacity of 200,000 sets of various power tools and gasoline engine tools.
If you have to bend down too much to fit the top under your shoulder, or stand on your tiptoes to do it, adjust the height by removing the screw in the handle and putting it at the proper position before reinserting and tightening the screw. The pressure you put on the handle top will push the blades downwards; the turning of the handle will cause them to cut into the ice. Depending on how thick the ice and how sharp your ice auger blades are, it should take between 23 and 25 full turns of the auger to go through a foot of ice.
The entire process to drill one hole should take less than 30 seconds once you become adept at it.

This can be a huge factor at first ice, or anytime you’re targeting skittish fish, particularly in shallow water. To help you sort through the options in battery-powered drills, we assembled a stellar lineup of electrifying options ready for hard-water action this winter. Slick features include an industrial ball bearing that absorbs load from the auger, shielding the drill from life-shortening torque. We also like the impact-resistant Vandar long-filament handles, which are a blessing in the harsh conditions augers face on a daily basis.
If Swiss Cheesing a frozen fishing ground is on your itinerary, simply buy a converter to draw power from an external 12-volt source, such as an ATV battery. I have used a cheaper ridged with a 8" auger through 20" of ice and can get about 4-6 holes on one battery.
We have covered major markets in Western Europe, the Middle East and North America; with annual export volumes in excess of USD60,000,000. Be sure the screw is quite snug, or you will lose the blades to your ice auger once you cut through the ice!
If the ice is extremely thick you may have to take a break and then continue drilling, or have a partner take over.
Available as a kit complete with drill plate bracket, 6-inch auger assembly, and handle for under $150.
The 29-volt model spins at a blistering 400 rpms, and the company says it’s capable of boring more than 60 8-inch holes through 28 inches of ice on a single charge. The unit relies on an external 12-volt power source, and comes with an 8-foot cable for tapping your truck or ATV battery.
Finally, to simplify re-stoking the battery, both car and wall chargers are standard issue. I have also heard really good things about the makita drills, have used them a little here and there but just never purchased one. Place the ice auger on the ice a few inches from your right foot at what would be 10 o’clock if your foot was the center of the clock. There are extension handles available in places where the ice reaches a thickness of well over 2 feet. Available in 6- and 8-inch models, both packaged with an XT Drill Assembly and Ripper Blade.
I would say if you are going to spend then money I would narrow it down to the dewalt, milwaukee and makita, or may i suggest the 36 volt bosch I think it is called the brute force? If you do not have good traction you will have a terribly hard time drilling your hole, so wear boots with ice cleats. Constant pressure on the top handle with your hand and shoulder is the key to cutting through the ice quickly and cleanly. The jiffy really weighs the sled down when the snow gets deep, or when you're making those long walks.

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