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Smooth-running ball-bearing motor of this electic drill is designed for a long service life. Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. In the development of the electric drill, electric drill casings used several kinds of materials, such as iron, plastic, aluminum, etc.

Shell is one of the main parts electric drill, shell is good or bad relationship to the whole quality of the product. Manufacturer of aluminum as new materials are used for electric drill shell casting, aluminum shell of electric drill to the portable light and not easy to wear characteristics by the consumer favorite. To guarantee the quality of electric drills shell, first of all to ensure the quality of die casting molding, die-casting molding quality is closely related to drill the shell mold manufacturing.
PURROS can provide you aluminum die-casting mold production, such as car door mould production, microwave oven mould production.

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