Tile and Grout, Tub, Shower, Sink, Porcelain Drill Powered Cleaning Rotary Electric Brush Kit $31.99 Three brush drill powered cleaning brush kit.
Easy, effortless deburring through multiple blades which are specially hardened and Ground, robust metal design for tough use, REMS REG 10-54 E also for electric drive by commercially available screw driver (speed < 300 rpm). The compliant spindle enables the cutting bur to provide a constant force against the part while following the part profile and compensating for surface irregularities and positional tolerances without gouging the part, leaving unwanted burrs on the edge, or breaking the tool shank. The compliance feature of the Deburring Tool will accommodate for deviations between the robot path and tool edge so the programmers have fewer path points to program.

The RAD Compliant Deburring Tool utilizes an adjustable force, floating spindle so that the cutting bur will comply to or follow the part. RAD Compliant Deburring Tools can be used on robot arms, cartesian robots, linear actuators, CNC holders, gantry systems, and other automated equipment or can be pedestal mounted. This savings is multiplied in operations where several passes are necessary in order to achieve the desired result.
The variable, high speed electric motor, by allowing the use of smaller burs, enables more precise deburring.

Dynamic braking enables the bur to stop quickly between material removal processes for maximum spindle life.
Variability in surface speed allows for a variety of material and burs to be accommodated by one deburring tool.

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