SAN BERNARDINO -- The San Bernardino City Unified School District and law enforcement are holding active-shooter drills at Indian Springs High School this week. The drills at the Del Rosa Drive school include a simulation of a shooter on campus armed with an AR-15 rifle and carrying five pipe bombs. Twenty-nine nursing students from Summit Career College in Colton played the role of gunshot victims.Firefighter paramedics and first responders participate in the active-shooter drill.
San Bernardino City Unified School District police Officer Brandon Koch, who played the role of shooter on Monday, said it's a different experience acting like someone on the other side of the law. Today at 11 am, at least one shooter opened fire on the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino, California. A video shared out by the LA Times shows a nurse at the Inland Regional Center who got video of the police arriving to today’s shooting. The campus will be on lockdown causing a portion of the campus to be unavailable and the campus bus routes to be diverted until about noon on Monday. According to the Victor Valley College press release, this drill is to prepare the school faculty, staff and students in preparation of an active shooter occurrence within our campus community as well as a real life simulation. The campus community will be alerted prior to the start of the exercise via an “emergency notification message” sent through the Alertus Emergency Notification System and through the Text Alert Message System.
Below is a video from The Conscious Resistance YouTube channel that goes into a bit more detail on the bizarre coincidence of these drills happening at the same time as other attacks.

Pingback by Witness to the San Bernardino shooting, Sally Abdelmageed, tells CBS there were 3 gunmen and they were white. Omnitrans works closely with local law enforcement agencies to ensure ensure the safety of our passengers in the event of an emergency. This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged omnitrans, omnitrans emergency exercises, omnitrans security, san bernardino police department, San Bernardino Police Department SWAT, sbpd SWAT, swat training drills. What if a disturbed man carrying a suspicious package and threatening to blow up government offices is onboard an sbX bus rapid transit vehicle?  That was the scenario for a security drill conducted April 24th at the sbX station on E Street at Rialto Avenue. A small section of E Street was closed for about 90 minutes as local law enforcement and public safety agencies took part in the live drill which lasted about 45 minutes.  Along with the “bomber”, played by a San Bernardino Police Department employee, five Omnitrans employees were on the bus as driver and passengers. The live drill followed a table top exercise the prior week and fulfills a requirement by the Federal Transit Administration for the sbX Safety and Security Certification Plan.  Going forward, table top sbX security drills are required annually and live drills may be scheduled at the request of law enforcement. Approximately 40 people total participated in the security exercise including representatives from San Bernardino Police Department, San Bernardino Fire Department, San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department – Loma Linda Station, San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department – Bomb Squad, American Medical Response and Omnitrans staff and consultants. This entry was posted in sbx bus rapid transit, Uncategorized and tagged omnitrans sbx security, sbx emergency drill, sbx law enforcement, sbx live security drill, sbX security exercise, sbx SWAT team drill.
Hospital personnel, paramedics, firefighters, school officials and police are participating, and respond as if it is a real emergency. Police have reported that there was possibly up to three shooters that were all heavily armed and wearing body armor.

This post was made to the San Bernardino County Fire Department’s Facebook page just yesterday.
The nurse, Dorothy Vong, and her coworkers first thought the police were conducting a drill.
There will be significant police presence at this time according to Chief Leonard Knight who said this training will last several hours. Victor Valley College Police Department (VVCPD), San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department (SBCSD), Victorville Police Station, San Bernardino County Fire Department (SBCFD), Victorville Fire Station, and American Medical Response (AMR) have planned for and are conducting this exercise to ensure coordinated, timely and effective response to the college community, as well as enhance safety at Victor Valley College. Omnitrans is offering free rides on sbX during the first week of service between Monday, April 28th and Friday, May 2nd.
This message was sent out to students and residents, letting them know of the drills being conducted. The team was able to thoroughly familiarize themselves with our coaches, both inside and out, and to strategize action plans for different scenarios. In the process, everyone learns something from the experience so we are better prepared to work together in the unlikely event that a similar situation arises,” said Mark Crosby, Omnitrans Security & Loss Prevention Supervisor.

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