If you are coaching a middle school volleyball team then you might find yourself struggling to find appropriate drills for their age level. Target Practice: Here’s an awesome drill for improving middle school volleyball players serving accuracy. The drill is performed by setting up six targets across the court with one in each of the front left, front right, front middle, back left, back right and back middle positions.
The drill can also be turned into a game by dividing the students into two teams and awarding them points for every serve that successfully hits one of the targets.
Start the drill by splitting the court into two and pairing off the middle school students into teams of two.
Coverage: The purpose of this drill is to teach middle school level players to cover hitters.
With such a large number of blockers the chance of the ball being returned is extremely high. The Eye Check Drill: Here’s a useful drill for teaching high school level players to see what is happening on the other side of the net whilst they are setting. To perform the eye check drill place a tosser in the back-row and a hitter and setter in the front row. Two vs Two: Here’s a super effective drill for teaching high school students to work in a team effectively. To perform the ‘Two vs Two’ drill first divide the court into two halves with the back line being the 10 foot line.
Corner Killer Drill: This drill will help to teach high school volleyball players how to serve to the corner of a court.
With nearly 1,800 students to account for, school fire drills pose a necessary challenge to ensure that in the event of a true emergency, students and staff members are prepared. For the school administration fire drills are what fall under “statutory obligations,” meaning that the drills are required by law.
As stated in A Practical Guide to Connecticut State Law by Thomas Mooney, a reference guide used by administrators and teachers across the state, “Conn. The Westport fire department has its own code as well that further details what is required during fire drills. However, it also states, “The assembly areas shall be arranged to keep each class separate to provide accountability.” During a standard fire drill students are not seperated by classes and attendance is not typically taken.

However, it has been argued that more steps and planning need to be taken in order to ensure full “accountability” for every student. Some issues that Lazaroff pointed out include, that not all teachers take attendance during the drills and that the location of free period students is not necessarily known. Franzis explained that the administration uses the nurse’s report and the main entrance call-in-sheet, to ensure the whereabouts of all students, but that there is “always the possibility” that someone could be unaccounted for. Though it is evident that the school administration and the fire department take fire drills very seriously, it has been questioned whether or not students and teachers do as well. Oak Bay Firefighters volunteer during Fire Prevention week in which we conduct school fire drills at all schools in the District of Oak Bay. Juvenille Firesetters Intervention Oak Bay Firefighters offer counseling to members of the public that have been involved with mischievous fire related incidents.
Japan conducted its first national earthquake drill since the March 11 disasters that left 20,000 dead or missing and triggered a nuclear crisis. Many of the drills that can be found online are far too advanced are designed for more professional players whilst others can be too basic and simple failing to really challenge your players. Learning to serve accurately is an extremely important skill to master in order to become a great volleyball players and this simple but fun drill does a great job in teaching players just how to do that. It’s a fun, fast-paced two on two game that forces students to work together and also helps them to learn proper serving technique. It also teaches players that teamwork is an essential component to any successful volleyball team.
Then line up two blockers in each of the three blocking zones on the other side of the court. Well look no further because we have some of the best drills right here that are specifically designed to help high school students improve on their volleyball skills in a variety of different fields including serving, hitting, passing and all sorts of other important skills.
This teaches players to always keep an eye on what is going on the other side of the court during play. Volleyball is very much a team game and often young players can find it hard to grasp the concept of teamwork rather than trying to play individually. When a team wins a side out the losing team must then leave the court and two new challengers will come to face the winning team with the challengers serving.
This forces players to aim for the far corners of the court and thus improves their serving skill immensely.

At the end of all school fire drills an individual school is recognized for their speed, accountabilty and organized evacuation during the fire drill. The house is taken to each individual school where Grade 3 students on put through fire safety training and have to safely exit the smoke house. That’s why we’ve compiled a big list of some of the greatest volleyball drills out there designed specifically to help middle school students to improve on their volleyball techniques. Next divide the players into two teams of two with one team on one side and the other team on the other side.
This is a fun and fast paced game that really helps high school students to work as a team and to perfect the art of serving. To win the game each team must try to knock over all of the other team’s cones on the other side of the court. The school that was awarded the coveted trophy for the 2011 school fire drills was “Willows Elementary”! This program reaches all students of Oak Bay as they progress through the education system. People across Japan hold drills every year on September 1st, but this year it's being taken more seriously since the quake and tsunami that devastated large parts of the country in March. When one team wins the other team is then replaced by a new pair who then serves the ball back into play again. Then during the toss the coach eithers makes a rock, paper or scissors signal with their hand.
SPARKY would like to congratulate Willows and a special thank you to all schools for their participation in the school fire drills. Full story.Take a look back at photos from the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan earlier this year.

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