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I was talking with one of the JROTC instructors at one of the local high schools where I teach in the afternoons and he was relaying the story of their color guard presenting the colors for a professional ball club and how the training I gave the team really helped since it provided the cadets and the instructors with a repertoire of moves from which they could choose to make their colors presentation look as professional as possible. I appreciate why a team would face the end zone instead of the home team stands and fully support that thinking, this is exactly what my color guard used to do while I was drum major of my high school band. Below I have created images to illustrate the different ways to enter and exit the different fields you may come across. The honor guard arrives one hour before the ceremony and makes a couple of dry runs in their travel uniform. Fifteen to 20 minutes before the funeral, the team changes into their ceremonial uniform and forms up each element, pall bearers should face the grave.
The pallbearers remove the casket and transport it to the grave all elements render a salute (firing party commander if there). The pallbearers place the casket on the mockup and the bugler and firing party commander drop their salutes. Firing party fires, the bugler sounds Taps, the flag is presented to the NOK and the team departs. The two- or three-member honor guard arrives one hour before the ceremony and makes a couple of dry runs in their travel uniform. Fifteen to 20 minutes before the funeral, the team changes into their ceremonial uniform and forms up where the coach (probably a four-door car) will stop. The pallbearers approach and face the vehicle at the same time and then remove the urn and flag. If only two members, the flag is refolded and one member departs to sound Taps and then the other member who is standing by, presents the flag to the NOK. I have been scouring the internet for many years learning about the differences in military drill around the world. He loves honor guard in Taiwan, so the Taiwan military has allowed him to perform with their drill teams for several years now. One question that I posed was, why does Ryan do everything in the opposite (opposite shoulder, Port to the right) from the members of the drill team? If I remember correctly, this little boy back in the early 2000s, loved what his uncle did at an Air Force Base in Southern California so his mother made him a tiny Air Force Honor Guard ceremonial uniform. Just like children taking an interest in music or other arts, this is a positive influence on these very young men. Civil Air Patrol, US Navy Sea Cadets and the Army-based cadet programs that are across our nation are sometimes better than JROTC units at drill and ceremonies, however, in my experience, all cadet programs are about the same. Competitive RD is very different from the standard RD that one learns in Basic Training for each service. Herein lies the issue: most adults who work with cadets, including JROTC instructors, do not understand what goes into creating a training program that encompasses CRD.

I visit JROTC and other cadet programs for a minimal tuition fee depending on the length of training and help with transportation and lodging. You don’t need a trophy or ribbon to know that you are already a winner when you are going that extra mile and if that is all you are going for, then there is something missing in your approach to the what the World Drill Association calls, the Sport of Military Drill.
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A cadet contacted me on Instagram asking about the proper direction to face for presenting the colors.
If it is a professional sport, your team will have a certain spot to hit at a certain time while facing a certain direction for the TV camera all coordinated with the timing for the broadcast. For this setup, the team marches out to the pitcher’s mound, or behind second base in single file, picks up Mark Time at a predetermined spot, and executes a Colors Turn-On.
The firing party fires the Three-Volley Salute, the bugler sounds Taps, and the commander presents the flag to the next of kin.
The funeral director opens each (rear) door of the coach (car), urn on the left, folded flag on the right. Regulation Drill moves a military formation from point A to Point B; it teaches teamwork, leadership, etc. I am very happy for teams and cadets that post pictures on Twitter and Instagram showing off their trophies. We are the main supplier of the American Maces, Military Batons, Signal Batons and all Drum Major accessories. The all-leather upper and countertread rubber sole is the standard by which all others are measured. Yes, all of this information is in my book, The Honor Guard Manual, but, I really want to get this information out as far and wide as possible- as I always say, “Education is key”! At their cue, they would march forward, round their corner to the right at the corner of the court, and at the center line, execute Every Left On, to rearrange the team for the presentation.
The exit would then be either a Colors Turn-Off to exit to the viewer’s left, or Every Left Off to retrace the path of entry.
The two honor guard members move into place: one in front of the table to retrieve the flag and one behind, centered on the family, (both can be in front if there is enough room to fold the flag there).
It shows that the JROTC instructors are on the right track of creating a solid educational foundation for their teams (color guard and drill team). Most JROTC instructors are senior NCOs who have been away from the marching scene for ten or even fifteen years or more.

Competitive RD goes much beyond that helping the team understand the mechanics behind taking the first step, each subsequent step and how to apply the principles of CRD in the exhibition drill program.
Books on every aspect of military drill: RD, XD and CD (Exhibition Drill and Ceremonial Drill).
The same goes for the teams that post pictures after a competition without a single trophy, but smiles all round. Below, the images concentrate mainly on professional events where the team must hit a certain mark for the TV cameras. The team may wait at the back of the court and again wait for another cue, or continue to march forward once in line formation and hit their mark for the presentation. The member with the flag moves to the other and, while they unfold the flag, both take steps backward to remain centered on the family until all of the triangle folds are unfolded. The instructors may not teach just like me, but different approaches offer fresh training experiences.
They were managers in their career field and were not anywhere close to a military formation- for the most part. The other schools in the Phoenix and surrounding areas attended most of the same meets that we did. Now, I’m not suggesting taking meaningful life lessons from every movie that you can watch, but sometimes there are very pertinent ideas that can come across. However, there are high school and college games that come into question, although many college games, if not all, are probably on the same level of a professional event with TV cameras. The other side of the field or court is full of spectators; parents and grandparents who are out to see their student play his or her heart out. An alternate to this is rounding the corner at the key and executing Every Left On at center court.
There are exceptions, most definitely, as evidenced by several JROTC teams that are top-notch for drill.
The only school to come close was our rival that I mentioned above, the other schools always came in behind us. We practiced for two hours every day after school all through the school year and even had some Saturday practices thrown in. Not losing your cool when training new cadets who just can’t seem to figure out that you pivot on the left foot for a right flank. When we went to SCIDM, we entered a competitive area to which we had not been exposed and we learned great lessons from that experience and applied those lessons to our training so that we could be a better team than before. Not getting angry, not throwing your rifle when you still can’t get that Hawaiian Punch.

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