There are a few advantages in going with brushless tools, including, longer tool life and longer battery life, additionally, the tools can also be made much smaller. With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts. My boys and I needed some rails for the sides of the truck in a hurry so we ran to Lowe's and picked up a few supply 's. If you slip the rails on the inside of the posts they will be less inclined to pop off at the wrong moment. In fact it is so new that there are few cordless tools that take advantage of the technology.
When you compare even last years smaller drills with this years brushless drills, there is a noticeable difference. In this article I am going to review two brushless drills that are available now, the 2604-22 Milwaukee Brushless Hammer Drill and the LXPH05 Makita Brushless Hammer Drill.
Just for a stat comparison, I also threw in last years HDH181 Bosch Hammer Drill which is not brushless. One more thought is to have a crossmember front and back to keep the sides from bowing out. I wanted to see which tool could drill the most holes and how long it took on average to drill each hole.
The test holes were done using a 1-inch Milwaukee auger drill bit drilling into 2x Douglass Fur. The Milwaukee auger bit was a good choice because it is self feeding and requires no additional downward pressure, thus eliminating variances in user contributed downward force.

I also tested the tools by drilling only 12 holes at a time before rotating to the next tool.
Not only did it drill holes faster, but it also showed that it wasn't sacrificing speed for longevity. The surprise here is that the Brushed HDH181 Bosch drill was pretty even with the newer Brushless Makita LXPH05. This tells us that a brushless tool is not automatically better just because it uses newer technology, how it is implemented also plays a big factor. The grip area of the 2604 was also very comfortable, but it lost due to weight and the trigger.
One of the real nice features of the drill was the inclusion of a side handle for high torque applications.
A side handle might not always be needed, but I used it during my testing and the difference of having the option vs not have the option is very noticeable. The side handle clamps onto the tool with a dovetail like clamp in order to maintain the smallness of the tool. Near the battery there is an area that looks to accommodate a belt hook, but no hook was included.
The Milwaukee charger also has the bonus of being able to charge a 12v Milwaukee battery, but the two different batteries cannot be charged at the same time.

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