Drill[2] is a powerful combination ability that Kirby can utilize by mixing the Stone ability with Needle in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards.
This ability is needed to obtain the first Crystal Shard on the fourth stage of Shiver Star. BasicAnimal • Archer • Backdrop • Ball • Balloon • Beam • Beetle • Bell • Bomb • Bubble • Burning • Circus • Clean • Cook • Copy • Crash • Cupid • Cutter • Doctor • ESP • Fighter • Fire • Freeze • Ghost • Hammer • Hi-Jump • Ice • Jet • Laser • Leaf • Light • Magic • Metal • Mike • Mini • Mirror • Missile • Needle • Ninja • Paint • Parasol • Plasma • Poison • Sleep • Smash Bros. The power relay itself is located in a small room that can be tough for a monster to manuver in. 2002 - The west wing's upper floor was entirely destroyed by a fire and 10 people lost their lives.

2004 - Hichael Hart Architects and Urban Designers together with Sue Krige renovated the Drill Hall Complex. When activated, a drill grows from Kirby's arm which allows him to rocket sideways, massacring all enemies in his path. Heavy rains will limit visability and will erase tracks over a short period of time so hunters will need to move and track quickly. While Block Bots are very smart robots, Drill Bots are very dumb and lack any real artificial intelligence. By releasing the B button, Kirby releases the drill and it continues on even through walls, plowing through enemies until it disappears.

The terrain is covered with large boulders and rock pillars, giving the monster plenty of places to hide higher up. Hunters will need to use extreme caution while climbing the rocks near the pools because one swipe by Goliath, and the hunter could find themselves in an acidic grave.
Their bodies are made of the same strong metal that Block Bots are created from giving them a very high defense.

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