At first glance, the Daisy drill rifle looks like a fully functional 1903-A1 Springfield rifle with a black synthetic stock.
He’s 16, a high school junior, and the only boy on the Mesquite Poteet High Varsity Belles drill team. He wears the traditional ear-to-ear drill team grin just like my daughters used to sport when they performed on their high school drill team squad a decade ago. Your comments are subject to our Terms of Service and the privacy policy and terms of service of your social network.

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From the home stands I hear nothing but cheering for the squad, after all, they’ve been watching him perform with the squad all season and as a cheerleader in past seasons.
Finally, when he flies his jump split, a difficult Varsity move, as my daughters used to proudly point out, the heckling morphs into a prolonged groan, then into a moment of, perhaps, somewhat respectful silence. The design and durable steel components and full-length black synthetic stock make this drill rifle capable of withstanding the rigors inherent in drill team use.

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