The Wonderbolts are a squad of Pegasus ponies who perform aerial acrobatics and demonstrations.
In mid-December 2011, Jayson Thiessen was asked if the Wonderbolts were inspired by the "blue angles[sic]" and answered "yeah I think they were."[1] In the book The Art of Equestria, it is mentioned that the Wonderbolts were initially conceived as "the Blue Thunders". The Wonderbolts appear to be an amalgam of the United States Navy flight demonstration team, known as the Blue Angels, as well as their United States Air Force counterparts, the Thunderbirds. Many of the Wonderbolts' past uniforms shown in the episode Testing Testing 1, 2, 3 resemble those of the real-life United States Air Force and Royal Air Force, and General Firefly's uniform resembles that of an officer of the American Civil War. The Wonderbolts are first mentioned by Rainbow Dash in Friendship is Magic, part 1 as her idolized flight acrobatics group. Surprise and two other Wonderbolts attempt stop a grown Spike from rampaging through Ponyville in Secret of My Excess, but they are largely unsuccessful. The Wonderbolt Soarin is a guest at the royal wedding in A Canterlot Wedding - Part 2 and dances with Rainbow Dash. A Wonderbolts team comprised of Spitfire, Soarin, and Fleetfoot appear in Rainbow Falls, representing Cloudsdale at the tryouts for the upcoming Equestria Games. In Testing Testing 1, 2, 3, Rainbow Dash studies for a history exam on the Wonderbolts to qualify as a member of the newly established Wonderbolts Reserves.
In Party Pooped, according to Pinkie Pie, the Wonderbolts save the out of control cherry cart from falling into a ravine in the desert, and they fly the cart to Manehattan. One of the Wonderbolts' signature flight patterns is called the Icaranian Sun Salutation, which is Princess Celestia's favorite.
In Rainbow Dash's fantasy in The Ticket Master, when she imagines herself as a Wonderbolt, her own cutie mark appears on the suit in place of the emblem. Soarin and Rainbow Dash In A Canterlot Wedding - Part 2, Soarin is shown in a military shirt with collar badges, epaulettes, and black tie. In Wonderbolts Academy, Spitfire wears a dark blue uniform with a shirt and tie underneath, with epaulettes, two bars (signifying "captain" under US Air Force ranks), and medals. Cadets at the Academy wear a uniform that leaves the legs and faces bare, with a larger, pale yellow lightning bolt on the front. Prior to the streamlining of the Wonderbolts' uniforms by Flair d'Mare, the uniforms were somewhat bulkier, usually incorporating jackets and service or flight caps. The Wonderbolts consist of an at-least-two-digit number of ponies; they are often seen in groups of three or six. At the Grand Galloping Gala in The Best Night Ever, Rainbow Dash meets The Wonderbolts again when saving an apple pie from falling to the floor, after one of The Wonderbolts, Soarin, drops it. Spitfire appears again in Hurricane Fluttershy to monitor the tornado designed to bring water from Ponyville to Cloudsdale, and in Wonderbolts Academy, as the drill sergeant of the titular academy.
Both Spitfire and Soarin appear in the episodes Rainbow Falls, Equestria Games, Twilight's Kingdom - Part 1, Twilight's Kingdom - Part 2, Party Pooped, and Rarity Investigates!
Fleetfoot Two more Wonderbolts are named in Sweet and Elite: Rapidfire, a male pony, is pegged as the winner by Fancy Pants, while Rarity picks Fleetfoot, a female pony.
Partially translucent mini-figure toys of Spitfire, Soarin, and Misty Fly were leaked in early August 2012,[5] and their corresponding collector cards were leaked in late 2012; all three pairs of toys and cards were released in January 2013 as part of the seventh wave of mystery packs, which is themed around The Wonderbolts[6] and the Crystal Empire.
THE WONDERBOLTS are an elite squad of Pegasus ponies who perform amazing aerial feats of derring-do at competitions across the lands of Equestria.
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Thank you for doing your part to help keep all of us free and safe.Thanks, unique, for the pastries. Their resemblance to the Blue Angels can be seen in their flight suits, which feature a shade of gold and aquamarine along with a 'winged bolt' logo, not unlike the paint scheme and 'flying shield' icon of the naval aerobatics team. In the following episode, Nightmare Moon takes the form of the Shadowbolts (including "Nightingale" and two of "Descent") to lure Rainbow Dash into joining them and abandoning her friends during their quest to get the Elements of Harmony.

They only manage to partly shear off the spikes on his head before being caught and trapped in a water tank.
When Soarin injures his wing during practice, Spitfire and Fleetfoot offer Rainbow Dash to fill in for him, citing her upbringing in Cloudsdale as a qualification. Her flashback shows three Wonderbolt Academy cadets saving the cart, and a photograph shows a proper Wonderbolt and one of the three cadets leaving the cart in Manehattan. When she fantasizes herself as a Wonderbolt again in The Best Night Ever, on the other hand, she sports the long bolt emblem usually found on any other female members' flanks.
Included with the uniform are flight goggles which consist of a golden yellow frame with clear blue lenses and a black rubber headstrap. Rarity describes the original Wonderbolts uniform as being "unattractive" and "itchy" and criticizes General Flash's use of bell-bottoms.
My Little Pony show, The Wonderbolts are described as Celestia's "exclusive aerial acrobatic team".
Most of the known members either appear in the episode The Best Night Ever, are shown in flashback in the IDW comics' Friends Forever Issue #11, or are alluded to in the episode Testing Testing 1, 2, 3. The orange-maned Wonderbolt, later named Spitfire, mentions their encounter at the competition where Dash saved them, and invites her to join them at the gala. The first pony to fly over the finish line is a white-maned mare, and the announcer declares Fleetfoot the winner "by a nose". Spitfire and Soarin's cards misidentify the two ponies as each other, though the wave's packaging identifies them correctly.
Rainbow Dash dreams of becoming a Wonderbolt one day and even goes off to Wonderbolts Academy for training.
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And I asked (stupidly I didn’t ask at the time) about the steroid shots I got on th 7th. She wins the prize of spending a day with them in Sonic Rainboom, and spends a short while with them in The Best Night Ever. To add to this, the background of their name is vaguely similar to that of the Thunderbirds. This scene pays homage to a climactic scene in the 1933 monster adventure film King Kong in which a squadron of fighter pilots perform an airborne assault against the massive gorilla as he takes his last stand on the Empire State building.
Ultimately, Rainbow Dash remains with the Ponyville team and gets Soarin back on his old team. Two other proper Wonderbolts appear at the welcoming party later in the episode, hosting their own booth. At the celebration of the first celestial year of peace, an elite team of aerial performers was chosen to help commemorate the occasion.
In reality, the Wonderbolts' uniforms are notably brighter than in Rainbow Dash's fantasies. The guards and training staff wear dark blue jackets with a lightning bolt epaulette, a cap with the Wonderbolts' insignia, and mirrored shades.
One of the show's layout artists wrote that the white-maned pony is indeed Fleetfoot, and that Rapidfire isn't specified.[4] Fleetfoot appears in the episodes Rainbow Falls, Equestria Games, Twilight's Kingdom - Part 1, Twilight's Kingdom - Part 2, and Rarity Investigates!, and appears in the IDW comics' Friendship is Magic Issues #9-10 crashing into Big McIntosh and falling in love with him before being carted off with a concussion, Micro-Series Issue #10, and Friends Forever Issue #9.
Spitfire, Soarin, Misty Fly, and the other Wonderbolts are more than just great performers; they're heroes who race to the aid of anypony who needs them. SOARIN loves blazing a trail through the clouds—but only when he's not chowing down on one of Applejack's pies. The Marines, assigned to Rolling Thunder 2, Combat Logistics Regiment 2, conducted the logistics patrol to deliver supplies in support of Regimental Combat Team 7 and base realignment and closure operations. The soldiers are assigned to the 101st Airborne Division's Company A, 1st Battalion, 327th Infantry Regiment, 1st Brigade Combat Team. 1st Class Garrett Williams, right, demonstrates to Indian Army paratroopers how to use an M4 carbine before sighting in the weapon at a range during Yudh Abhyas 2013 on Fort Bragg, NC, May 4, 2013.
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According to Twilight Sparkle, the performance was so charged with energy, magical lightning showered the crowd below.
Their suits are azure blue with golden yellow lightning patterns and sport a uniform icon on their flanks over where the ponies' cutie marks are; the icon varies depending on the gender of the member. Other team members include Blaze, Fire Streak, Fleetfoot, High Winds, Lightning Streak, Misty Fly, Rapidfire, Silver Lining, Surprise, and Wave Chill. Williams, a platoon sergeant, is assigned to the 82nd Airborne Division’s 1st Brigade Combat Team. They leave long trails of thunderclouds when flying, much like how Rainbow Dash leaves a rainbow streak. During the final performance, Rarity's magically-created wings burn up when she flies too close to the sun at the end of her act, causing her to plummet down toward the ground.
Two of the contestants resemble Spitfire and Soarin, and two are named Fleetfoot and Rapidfire, though only Fleetfoot is identified. In an alternate timeline in The Cutie Re-Mark - Part 1, the Wonderbolts fight alongside Rainbow Dash in the war against King Sombra and his Crystal Pony warriors.

The ponies were so filled with amazement and wonder that General Firefly, the general of the aerial squadron at the time, named them the "Wonderbolts". For males, the mark is a winged lightning bolt, while for females it is a long streak of lightning. Karasow, left, before they go out on a patrol in Kunduz, Kunduz province, Afghanistan, May 18, 2013.
At 210 years-old, USS Constitution is the oldest commissioned warship afloat in the world, manned by 67 active-duty United States Sailors and visited by nearly half a million visitors annually. After his sins of adultery and murder, David thought he had successfully hidden his treacherous acts (2 Sam. Soarin, Spitfire, and Misty Fly take immediate action and dart for the plummeting Rarity to save her, but they are knocked unconscious by her flailing hooves. The racers are shown in close-up three times; their composition changes in the middle, only to revert to the starting lineup by the end.
Rainbow Dash is accepted into Wonderbolt Academy along with several other Ponyville residents and the cocky Lightning Dust, though Dust is sent off after she puts other ponies in danger out of recklessness.
An additional accessory are flight goggles which consists of a black frame with sky blue lenses and a golden yellow rubber headstrap. Chenoweth is commander 6th Squadron, 4th Cavalry Regiment and Karasow is commander of 3rd Squadron, 7th Cavalry Regiment. In the process, her extreme speed triggers a spectacular sonic rainboom that dazzles the stadium audience.
To prevent this spiritual sinkhole from worsening, David acknowledged his sin to God in repentance (Ps. When Rainbow Dash receives gratitude from Spitfire for saving each of their lives, she becomes so overwhelmed with excitement she can't voice a proper reply.
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