If you manage this site and have a question about why the site is not available, please contact Dotster directly. The shooter was an FBI agent for less than two years before resigning and later enlisting in the Air Force. Two men ousted from top executive positions at Wounded Warrior Project say their leadership upheld the intent of donors. At least 12 new recruits have been killed in a suicide bomb attack in Jalalabad, a hospital official said on Monday.
Two soldiers from the same Joint Base Lewis-McChord infantry battalion experienced two very different kinds of justice.
Readers of the Duffel Blog may be surprised to learn that some of their favorite stories are written by women. The Army adopted the blue Army Service Uniform, or ASU, to replace the green Class A dress uniform in 2006. The proposed change to the ASU for all ranks is part of an online survey to gather soldier-feedback about several other proposed uniforms changes. The survey will also ask soldiers' opinions on a plan to make a gender-neutral version of the Army service cap.

The survey additionally seeks input on prescribing the service cap as required headgear for senior noncommissioned officers and above, in lieu of the black beret, when wearing the ASU. In addition to dress uniform items, the survey asks soldiers about gender-specific headgear for drill sergeants. Another proposed uniform change involves allowing soldiers to wear black socks with the physical training, or PT, uniform. Soldiers, who are invited to participate in the survey, will get an email invitation with instructions on how to log in to the online questionnaire, according to the release. Jim Moreno says playing video games was a way for him to acclimate back into civilian life after serving in the Gulf War.
The Army says three enlisted Sikh soldiers may wear the articles of faith but a lawsuit seeking to end the ban will continue. Army will continue with its Modular Handgun System effort, despite heavy criticism from the servicea€™s own chief of staff.
Adapted from the formal Dress Blues, the dark blue jacket and light blue pants have been a part of Army history since the Revolutionary War. Ray Odierno authorized the survey to give soldiers a chance to weigh in on Army uniform and wear policy.

The senior leaders like to be informed by as many soldiers in the field as possible [on uniform changes,]" Sgt. Today, the male service cap features a wide bill, while its female counterpart has a raised brim on either side.
Since 1972, female drill sergeant campaign hats have featured a raised brim and, as of 1983, a deeper green color.
The suggestion came up at several town hall meetings Dailey conducted, and is now being sent out across various commands for evaluation, the release states.
The survey, designed to crosscut a large section of soldiers, will ask if there should be a single campaign hat for both male and female drill sergeants. Thomson of the Institute for Noncommissioned Officer Professional Development, in the release.

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