We carry a detailed range of tooling often specialized to mining and petrochemical applications. RAD Pneumatic Nut Runners offer a large range of Pneumatic Nut Runners to improve Torque Accuracy. Replacement BOSCH BAT026 battery pack 100% compatible with the original BAT026 battery, high quality, wholesale price. Specializing in High Torque Tools, Impact Sockets and Porta Power Rams Jacks and pumps to Perth WA heavy engineering.

You can also contact us for a lower price if you want a quantity purchase of BOSCH BAT026 replacement batteries.
Torque Tools for Master link, Load Rollers, Segment Bolts , Final Drive, Blades, Pedestal, Counter Weight, Tracks, Frame, Etc. We specialize to mining and petrochemical with large packages for maintenance and shutdowns. Air torque tools are ideal for Mine Dump Truck Wheel studs where long extensions are needed.

Hex Cassette or Link tools are ideal for pipe flanges, excavator slu rings and Malco Honnert Ludowici Coal Prep Plants. Purchase direct from the distributor ( No Re-branding ) We highly recommend this high force pump, particularly for heads 1" Drive and up.

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