If you don't make props (such as bulky swords), are you willing to buy a 3D-printed, CNC machine-carved version of it? Well, the $7000 doesn't even cover the tooling, the oiler, the base, the computer, or the software.
Anyway, the other CNC thing I've thought about is getting a milling machine from harbor freight and doing the mods to make it CNC. And I have no idea how to move threads, maybe just post a new one in the other forum and make this one less of a solicitation and more discussion? I'd be interested in CNC produced props, but it's the same amount of interest as a 3d printed prop. Well, at least with CNC you can do the design work once and then the fabrication is relatively straightforward..
I'm familiar with the type of CNC mill you're thinking of, and that'd be great for plastic and foam parts.
And one of my profs is claiming he knows a place where I can get a stepper motor for ~150PHP (about 4 USD, and I'm pretty sure he put a profit on that price already).
And 3D printing something like a meter-long sword is still very not doable, as the plastic is really expensive. And if you wanted to make a ton of them (since you couldn't find them on the market) they will also quote you on injection molding. Yeah, the designs I've seen have a big XY setup and then a little extra motor on the head to do Z. Every lady want to be more beautiful, thus, this Korean Style Glass Drill Pendant Alloy Female Clavicle Necklace will let you be more charming and gorgeous. ReviewsThere are no reviews yet, would you like to submit yours?Disclaimer: These are user reviews. If tearing down walls and building new spaces is frequently part of your weekend activities, there is a great looking necklace made just for you.

If I replaced the more expensive parts with local equivalents, I can probably lower the cost drastically.
Now, if this was small scale, used for things like details or smaller props, this might stay cost effective. A lot of waste can keep the materials cost of the prop high, even if the machine does all the carving work. Personally, I feel like I'd get a better deal from a 3d printed prop, if I have to pay for the total material including waste. I looked around online and couldn't find one that I liked, so I decided to use some spare steel round stock I had to make one.
If you could make a core drill like that out of some HDPE or LDPE plastic though, I'd consider it.
Then I found out that the model I picked is way too intricate (and it's huge) to be pulled off through that method. Once your order is shipped, you will be emailed the tracking information for your order’s shipment. I'm doing this because I'm tired of the guesswork that comes with carving props, and I was wondering if there exists an actual market for this. I assume this isn't going to be the industrial kind of set up used to concept cars out or something. One advantage that a 3d printer has is that it only uses the material required to build the prop, so virtually no waste is created.
Id also probably be more interested in getting something smaller and highly detailed to be fabricated, instead of something bigger.
You should be able to make some cool intricate stuff, and you'll get experience that's directly translatable to career skills. I suppose there are props that are tiny (Organization XIII's coat hardware, for instance), but at the same time, if you open a 3D model, looking for that detail, you'd find that the programmers only put textures instead of modeling the real deal.

Designed with big glass drill pendant, it is unique and pretty, the exquisitely crafted technology makes this necklace look delicate and appealing. You can choose your preferred shipping method on the Order Information page during the checkout process.
Since the carving is mostly machine-operated, it will cost less than something hand-carved.
IMO, the issue with carving or sculpting is getting down into the really small details, which a 3d printer or CNC machine can do for me with complete accuracy to an existing 3d model. I found a place that sells the motor driver for 15 USD, and it will be controlled by an Arduino board (or, a local clone of an Arduino board). I was hoping for bigger things - stuff that the programmers really did model into the game. Get yours at The Future Perfect, or in true do-it-yourself fashion, allow this to serve as inspiration for your own design.
Bigger props tend to be easier to manage to me, so I'd probably only get something small or intricate to be machined out.
Mostly because I can't do 3D modeling either, I'm just good at research, but that's not my point here. Don?t hesitate, just come and get one to show your hearty blessing or love to your beloved friend.

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