As a proof of concept, I constructed a Digital Readout (DRO) for my HorizontalMill using optical encoder modules from discarded ink jet printers. Instead of utilizing linear printer scales to measure absolute axis position, it is possible to measure relative stage translation by attaching a rotary encoder to each leadscrew. As discussed by Eckstein, another method of resolution enhancement is to increase encoder movement through mechanical gearing (illustrations available on his website). Using the encoder stripe setup as demonstrated with my atlas mill, it would be possible to increase relative accuracy through the addition of a second encoder module. This method has the advantage of furnishing additional accuracy without incurring errors from backlash.
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Find best value and selection for your Lot 4 ADJUSTABLE MACHINE LEVELING FEET Lathe Mill Drill Press Air Compressor search on eBay. To avoid altering the 1940's aesthetic of the Atlas mill, every attempt was made to conceal encoders and scales within the machine castings. By mounting linear scales directly to the X, Y, and Z axes, the effect of lead screw backlash can be completely eliminated. Unfortunately, both approaches introduce the possibility of missing counts due to encoder backlash. This method is limited by the accuracy of positioning and constraining the second encoder module during instalation and operation. When a budding home machinist is pondering his first Central Machinery (Harbor Freight) Model 5980 Multipurpose Machine.

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This is a combination mill, drill and lathe that I purchased from Harbor Freight in September 2007. In conjunction with this machine we offer certain Several vendors sell multipurpose Lathe-Mill-Drill 3-in-1 machines.

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