Modelling and Analysis of BHA and Drill-String VibrationsThe research project is aimed at developing an experimentally verified analytical model describing the vibrations of the Bottom Hole Assembly (BHA) and drill-string employed in oil and gas extraction. Our research is focused on developing lower dimensional models for BHA vibrations with experimental validation where possible. In this model, the coupling between axial and torsional vibrations arise from the cutting and contact forces at the bit, and the model involves state-dependent delay differential equations.
With a view to developing realistic reduced order models from higher dimensional models, an in-house static Finite Element code for studying BHA in straight, inclined holes in the presence of borehole constraint, was developed and validated against commercial FE code predictions.
When tapping through or blind holes, chips can damage the tool, the threads, or cause the tool to bind up in the hole and break off. Founded in 1986, Canadian Industrial Machinery is a full-service magazine supporting Canada's metalworking manufacturing sector. Canadian Industrial Machinery is Canada's leading national monthly magazine dedicated to the metalworking and fabricating industry.

In our initial studies, an axial-torsional vibration (2 degree-of-freedom) model recently proposed in literature was adopted and modified. A detailed stability analysis of this model and the development of a Galerkin projection scheme to tackle the state dependent delay system, are the key contributions of this study.
In an ongoing work, the utility of Proper Orthogonal Modes (POMs) in reduced order modelling of BHA is explored. Using the proper tool, toolholder, and coolant and beginning the process with the correct predrilled hole size can keep chips evacuating from the workpiece and avoid damage. Using drill and tap charts based on high-speed steel drills could lead to oversize holes when using high-speed carbide drills that drill to a tighter hole tolerance.
CIM is Canada's leading national monthly magazine dedicated to the metalworking and fabricating industry, reaching nearly 17,000 industry professionals every month.
The analytical model to be developed in the course of the project is hoped to serve as an aid to the BHA planning process, to avoid costly field failures.

This model was subsequently coupled to a lateral vibration model (considering the near-bit stabilized section).
The necessary higher dimensional data are generated through Finite Element simulations and will be utilized in the constructions of the POMs. The combined axial-torsional-lateral model was solved for varying rotary speeds, weight on bit, and collar lengths etc. An in-house experimental rig to facilitate the study of the BHA and drill-string dynamics is also currently under construction.

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