SKU: CS00240 Posted in All cotton fabrics, Black, Cotton fabric, Drill fabric, Fabric, Jackets, Re-stock, Skirts, Suiting fabric, Suits, Trousers, Wardrobe. We think this ingeniously-textured weave sets this black stretch cotton drill fabric aside from the crowd – and sends it just a little upmarket in terms of what you can do with it.
Make no mistake – the black of this fabulous textured drill is an excellent true black with great depth. Our linen-textured black stretch cotton drill fabric is a healthy 152cm wide – enough in a metre to put a real spring in your step. Standard on the XD-CD3 is a heating element that secures synthetic fabric plies and gives loosely woven fabrics a mark that will not close up. The drill features a telescoping drive shaft and powerful AC motor for dependability and long service.

The most convenient and cost effective way to mark for pocket placement is with the XD-CD3 cloth drill. The adjustable thermostatically controlled element is standard on the XD-CD3, allowing you to choose the correct heat for the fabric being drilled.
Using a brass insert allows for an efficient transfer of heat, reducing the waiting time for the drill to get hot.
Also due to versatility and hard wearing properties of this cotton drill fabric, it is also suitable for upholstery, curtains, dust sheets, and other furnishings. As ever, photographing a black fabric is a bit of a nightmare but we’ve included images in different lighting so you can see both the depth of colour and the texture of the fabric. Choose between various drill diameters for the correct size hole, and hot or cold for the best method depending on the fabric type.

This drill fabric is durable and easy care, making it great for clothing such as shirts, uniforms, and overalls. The only drawback is that a plain black drill can look awfully dull with nothing to break up the colour a little.
Cleverly woven into the usual twill weave pattern are delicate slub-like lines resembling a linen weave.

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