I was tired of the low power of my dremel clone, it kept stalling even with light pressure. So I started looking for a more powerful version, but other alternatives were either expensive or still low powered. So I bought the extension and an SDS chuck so I could fit it onto my multiwheel grinding head.
The contact wheels on the Aly maxi grinder are kept on with a small bolt roughly the imperial equivalent of a metric m8. Next the SDS adapter needed to be m8 as well so I ground it down until it was about the same diameter as the bolt and threaded that as well. So all I needed to do now was switch the grinding head bolt for the chuck and attach the extension. I've got Aly's direct drive maxi grinder so at 100 hz the motor spins at 2850rpm (Aly and the grinders he makes can be found on British Blades btw).
I also got the suggestion to put a polishing mop on there by FGYT on BB, making it even more versatile. I'll be honest, If I was visiting your shop and you were going to use it while I was there, I would leave. I'll second the idea that a Foredom is a dandy investment on a tool, Lord knows I could have probably bought one for what I've spent on burnt up Dremels over the years.
I once say a gal's pant leg get ripped off when she dropped the tool while hogging on wood. I would hate to have seen what would have happened if the tool was running on a 1HP+ motor, with no instant off. As I get older, I've gotten more willing to invest in better tools, so it's easier to seek out the ideal tool to do almost anything I have to do these days. Regarding deadman foot switches, I have a clipper line master foot pedal, which I mostly use for saws but not every machine stops instantly once power is cut. Also, as these cheaper flexshaft units get older, the grease gets gummy ( and you can't usually re-lube them), exacerbating the problem. This site uses "cookies" to improve your navigation and for some essential functions needed for proper working. We use cookies to help deliver our services and give you the best experience on our website. Extension rods, there are R22, R25, R28, R32, R38, T38, T45, T51, ST58, T60 threads, and different lengths of rods are available from 600mm to 6400mm usually. Whether you are looking for an individual manual or air-powered tool, or are needing to fully-equip a workshop, we'll be happy to provide you with a competitive quote and the best advice. Machining composite material can often be challenging for standard tools, so we have a growing range of cutting tools specifically for composites. The full range of Cleco Temporary Fasteners for joining sheet metal is available in standard, short, extended and heavy duty versions.

High-quality, great value replacement collets to fit Desoutter, Ingersoll Rand and Atlas Copco tools. Our range of products and services for the aerospace and sheet metal industries is extensive and we also supply consumables etc. Our Precision Components Manufacturing Facility can produce custom machined components to your specification up to 16mm in diameter, in small to large batches. Discover why our Skinpins temporary fasteners and replacement Collets are worldwide favourites. We are UK distributors for the HS Tooling (formerly Hi-Shear) range of Aerospace tools which includes Rivet Guns, Squeezers, Shavers and Bucking Bars. The HS Tooling Spacematic range of tools includes Drills, Countersinks and Nutplate Drillmotor. The range of specialist Installation tools from HS Tooling is impressive, and there is a wide selection of drivers for even the most demanding of installation applications.
Milwaukee Tools Introduces New Max-Lok™ Carbide Extension System For SDS Drill Bits, ToolSelect Community Reacts Milwaukee Tools launched the new Max-Lok™ Carbide This shank extension cannot be used alone!
November 15, 2006 – Extending reach of rotary hammer or hammer drill by 12 Three-piece system consists of adapter, extension rod, and any SDS Max bit. Replacing that bolt with the SDS chuck would allow me to use the extension as a dremel flexi shaft.
I wasn't able to get it perfectly straight unfortunately so it wobbles a bit while spinning, a lathe would have come in handy there. With the 4" drive wheel, speed settings are easiest to read when using the 35mm contact wheel on the grinding head.
There are a few flaws of course, such as portability and a lower maximum speed, but overall it works quite well and I very much doubt I'll be able to stall this. The sheath isn't attached to anything, so when (not if) the core shaft kinks under the way powerful motor, whole thing will pull out of your hand and become the spinning whip of death. It seems to me that even should the sheath be fixed to the grinder to prevent it from spinning, the power of the motor would still be too much and rip it out anyway.
I do wish that, when I was younger I'd learned to use some tools more skillfully so I could apply those skills with my better tools now when I have more time available. Now as any tool in our shops if you misuse or loose concentration as stacy mentioned about his friend who had it caught then yes accidents can happen but you can also hurt yourself using your sander, grinder, everything. If the shaft is well greased and has a spacer, it will not impart much torque to the sheath, and your hand gripping the tool will be enough to resist it.
Clicking on "close" and continuing your navigation on this web site you'll accept the use of cookies. If you continue without changing your settings, we'll assume that you are happy to receive all cookies on the Wickes website. Manufactured to Aerospace Standard 907, aircraft extension drills, are ideal for drilling in mild steel where extra length for reach is required.

Whatever you need to do with material removal we can provide the tools to do it as quickly and efficiently as possible. You're moments away from information on hundreds of tools for sheet metal working and aerospace professionals. It requires the Hitachi 725780 SDS Max quick change rotary drilling adapter to attach the drill bit to this shank extension.
I didn't have an imperial tap & die set though so I tapped the hole and threaded the bolt to m8.
Putting it in the drill press would have damaged the threads on the other side, while the nut was too big to chuck up. Using a different kind of drive belt, one that would slip more easily to limit the power might work, but I reckon it's not worth the gamble. She was using a bench control ( one reason I don't like them) and thus the tool stayed at full speed.
However, most of these $20 flex shaft conversions have only a flexible shaft inside a flexible metal sheath with a rubber coating.
Our replacement collets match original specification, are competitively priced and available from stock. We also carry SDS The all-in-one core with SDS-max® shank transmits power directly to the end Drill bits (or extension + drill bit) in excess of 8" should never exceed 600 RPM Hello.
Find Spline Taper Adapters Extensions for your bits at Download PDF of SDS Max Drill Bits, Chisels and Core Bits. Why buy an SDS drill, How do they increase performance, What are the different types, What features to look for. I found that the extension did not stay firmly in my quick-change device that I use for bits on my drill. This extension can only handle 3600rpm though so 36 hz is the maximum safe speed, but if I can find a way to attach the dremel flexi shaft, I could go up to 100 hz no problem. The whole assembly can pull out of your hand and start spinning around until ( hopefully) the shaft breaks off and it stops spinning. The shaft is greased with special lubricants, and kept away from the sheath walls by a spacer spring that acts like a flexible bushing.
I am all for safety first, which might be why I haven't ever lost chunks of my anatomy to run away power tools. If it had caught the skin instead of the cloth, it would have taken off a big chunk of meat.

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