The Drill Down feature in View Reports allows you to create a comparative report that divides each graph and table by the answers to a specific question or Embedded Data field. Drill Downs are useful when you want to view the results of each question by a specific attribute, such as education level, client tier, or geographical location. Example: Instead of creating a new report for each session of a seminar, use Drill Down to create one report with the results to each question broken down by session.
This report uses a Drill Down to compare the effectiveness of the Morning, Afternoon, and Evening training sessions.
Drill-Downs don’t filter out any data, they simply present the data in a way that makes it easy to compare groups. With reports created in the View Results tab, you can apply one Drill Down and multiple filters to one report. Once the Drill Down has been applied to your report, each question will be reported with the answer choices on the side and the drill down categories on the top. Once the Drill Down has been applied to your report, each question will be reported with the choices on the side and the drill down categories on the top.
If you get a new Windows 8.x computer, or you do a PC Refresh or PC Reset (both of those recovery options uninstall your apps), you might want to easily find your apps so you can reinstall them. Instead of hunting for all of the apps you previously installed, you can find each one you’ve purchased or downloaded in the past. Then you can sort by apps installed on other computers, or all of the apps you’ve installed on another Windows 8 system at one time or another.
Or to easily download multiple apps at once, right-click each one from your list, and then click the Install button at the bottom of the screen. You’ll be able to monitor the app installation progress from the upper right corner of the Windows Store screen. Choices cannot be updated or added after the survey has been distributed without invalidating data. In the spreadsheet, include a row for each set of choices a participant can select in the drop-down menus. A table and graph will be included in your report outlining which combinations of answers were chosen, and how many participants chose each. A statistics table will be included in your report detailing what the most popular item from each drop-down menu was.
For a more readable data output, we strongly encourage selecting to represent Answers as Labels when downloading Drill Down data.With this option selected, the text of the choices participants select are displayed in the downloaded file rather than the numeric coded value of each choice. With the default download settings, your data set will include a column for each drop-down menu in the Drill Down question, and the coded value of the answer selected in each. Each possible combination of answers that can be selected within a Drill Down question is given its own coded value, according to the numbering scheme below. A quick trick to see the coded values for your specific question is to download the file that would be sent to translators if you were running a multi-language survey.

This file can be retrieved in the survey editor by opening Advanced Options (top right of your survey) > Translate Survey, and clicking the Download File icon above your primary language. Follow this LINK for a little reading on what a school lock-down drill entails, and more helpful information. Drill down menus (similar to the iPod style menu) offer an excellent way of managing and organising large, complicated hierarchical menus in a small, vertical, compact and fixed-sized area.
This Wordpress plugin creates a widget, which allows you to create a drill down menu from any Wordpress custom menu using jQuery. Features include – handles multiple levels, saved state using cookies and multiple menus on the same page.
This plugin uses the jquery cookie plugin by Klaus Hartl for saving the menu state between pages.
Either use an existing widget area in your Wordpress theme or create a new widget area in the required location.
Breadcrumb – previous selected menu items are displayed as breadcrumbs at the top of the menu. Many issues that can crop up with installing and using the plugin with different themes have been covered in our comments section.
If you have any problems or suggestions on how we can make the plugin better let us know via comments, email or our online contact form.
For more information and tips on the best type of vertical menu plugin to use refer to – Choosing a Vertical Menu Wordpress Plugin For Your Site. Hope you can help, when I click on any of the links it goes to that page but the menu items flicker and appear really bunched up for a moment then they appear okay. Every plugin You made is great, would be awesome if You include a shortcode for every single one of them. Right now I implement your drill down menu widget and it is cool how it seem to be able to change size automatically sometimes. If you could take a look at my site again, because in the main menu You can see there is child themes. I have 21 items in my custom menu, but only the first 4.1 of them show on the drill down menu. The top line is jQuery being loaded from Wordpress itself based on a request from the drill down plugin. Last line is the theme loading its own version of jQuery from its own files (incorrect) – the 2 jquery plugin files before this are effectively overwritten. The Windows Store makes it easy to find the ones you’ve downloaded to other systems in the past. Maybe you have a Windows 8.x computer at work and a different one at home that you don’t want the same apps on each one. This article has been updated to reflect the new way of doing it in the redesigned Windows Store app in Windows 8.1 with Update 1.

Sometimes I end up finding apps that I forgot I had previously bought…or some that I had installed once, but uninstalled for whatever reason.
For example, rather than choosing from a list of 1,000 store locations, you might first have them pick their region, then state, and then just present the appropriate locations. In the spreadsheet, include a column for each drop-down menu you would like included in your Drill Down question. Try clicking Show Options on the top right of the preview and selecting a different Delimiter or Enclosure, such as a semicolon.
We have changed the report to now pull in other relevant stats from marketing items associated with the campaign. For a change to the standard menu styles they also offer a great alternative to accordion style and drop down menus.
The drill down menu is excellent for handling multiple levels, which would be difficult to use with drop down or accordion menus.
When I view the source code all the menu parent links are their, but for some reason not all are showing.
Than all of the plugins would gain lack of flexibility and possible become unmatched in WP sphere.
I am planning on adding shortcodes to the menu plugins so will hopefully get those updated soon. Changed to many other themes and deleted all my other plugins but I can?t still get it to work. I have the latest version of the plugin and the widget is placed appropriately to allow plenty of room to drop down the sidebar. The theme is reloading jQuery again from its own source after the plugin has loaded – this is the wrong way to do it. For information on using a Drill-Down and other advanced filtering options in Reporting Beta, view Data Sources and Filters. You can now see the same chart (though a more stylish version) and also have your relevant prospects (prospects tagged with this campaign), landing pages, custom redirects, forms, and more all in one place.
I have tried several templates from Theme Forest and as you can see on my website the menu subpages all appear below the main heading instead of hidden until selected. I assume there is a script conflict, but theme forest say I need to change the plugin script not the other way around.

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