The DD750X shop model is designed for durability and has the flexibility required to sharpen the largest range of dull or broken bits-including split points and masonry bits. Can be used on high-speed steel, masonry, carbide, cobalt, TiN-coated or split-point bits, as well as to create split-point bits from standard bits. Adjustable material take-off allows user to change the amount of bit material to extend the life of your bits. Quick Change diamond sharpening wheel allows for quicker grit wheel changes - "No tool needed". The DD750X model is designed for durability and has the flexibilty required to sharpen the largest range and most popular sizes of dull or broken drill bits - including split points and masonry bits. The 750X’s diamond-coated grinding wheel can sharpen high-speed steel, carbide, cobalt, TiN-coated and masonry bits.

They have heavy-duty units for industry, but they also cater to the smaller professional shops and craftsmen. Now that we have the Drill Doctor in the house, we know that they will be eager to take on projects that will wear out drill bits just so they will have excuses to give the Drill Doctor a workout. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.
All anyone needs to make a nice, clean hole in any kind of material (metal, wood, masonry, etc.) is a drill and the right bit. The Drill Doctor line, while rugged enough for the pros, is also suitable for the home DIYers. A powerful drill will get the job done faster, but a sharp bit is essential to getting the job done well.

A sharp bit will cut faster, cleaner, and put less stress on the motor of the drill and the bit. The setup port (red arrow) gets the bit’s edges properly oriented and sets the amount of material to be removed in the sharpening process. These two steps eliminate guesswork and makes the sharpening process precise, repeatable, and performable by anyone. That is understandable, as sharpening drill bits is skill which is beyond that of many craftsman and undoubtably most weekend DIYers.

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