We commonly associate hefty paychecks with briefcases and neckties – but it turns out there’s plenty of money to be earned by those who sport hard hats and coveralls. This may be surprising considering the gradual decline of union memberships over the years and the fragile state of America’s workforce, but plenty of talented and skilled blue-collar workers earn six figures doing electrical work, repair jobs, and other labor intensive trades. What defines a blue-collar job? The American Heritage Dictionary says, “Of or relating to wage earners, especially as a class, whose jobs are performed in work clothes and often involve manual labor.” We took that definition and excluded work that is largely managerial or supervisory.
Other jobs on the list include repairers at power substations, who have an average annual salary of $67,700, and boilermakers, who make $56,680. This hydraulic hand-held Core Drill operates up to 250mmØ in a variety of materials, including reinforced concrete, thus making it a very versatile and economic choice (avoiding the need for a drill rig).

All components run in oil, which reduces wear dramatically, and the drill is also fitted with the innovative ASCO system (automatic safety cut-off), built in to avoid harm to the operator if the Core Drill jams. Bowen “S 2.5 (85 Ton) Power Swivel, Diesel Engine mounted on trailer with 50’ Long Rotary Hose. Skid Mounted Triplex Mud Pump, powered by diesel engine including Suction and Bumper Hoses, Steel Lines, Chicksan Swings & Unions. Cities with the Most Expensive Cost of LivingNext StoryIf Americans Knew What Israel Is Doing!
Generally, anything that allows you to work on your people skills is a huge plus for any job you want in the future.

Commercial divers, who pull in an average of $58,060, don’t literally have blue collars, of course–unless they wear blue wetsuits.

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