Through their comprehensive engineering and development process, Tough-Drill bits reduce impact damage, improve cleaning and cutter cooling efficiencies. As part of the product development process, Tough-Drill bits go through elaborate computational fluid dynamics (CFD) evaluations.
Application-specific PDC cutters incorporating advanced carbide interface geometries (CIG) and materials are used in Tough-Drill bits.
Lemon Festival (Fete du Citron) on the French Riviera.Thousands of lemons and oranges are used to build huge citrus constructions. The high abrasion resistant cutters used in Tough-Drill bits drastically minimize cutter wear.

CFD eliminates re-grinding and re-circulation of drilled cuttings, a common occurrence when drilling hard and abrasive applications.
Using extensive single cutter tests and full scale bit tests in laboratory and field conditions, SPOT ensures cutting structure optimization for specific applications. The carbide interface geometries are modeled using finite element analysis (FEA) to minimize damaging residual stresses (axial, hoop and radial) improving impact resistance and extending cutter life, resulting in improved bit life. The new Powercutter cutting structure provides extra exposure and cutter density on the critical shoulder area of the bit. Tough-Drill bits combine advanced cutting structure layouts, high performance PDC cutters and superior hydraulic configurations to ensure ROP and durability improvements.

SPOT models complete bit behavior in difference rock types during a simulated drilling process. Bits can now achieve maximum rates of penetration through one rock formation and then continue to penetrate harder sand or limestone beds without excessive wear or damage e.g.
Using appropriate rock geology and mechanical properties, SPOT also performs sensitivity analysis for various drilling parameters (WOB and RPM) to evaluate their effects on ROP, cutter wear, bit vibrations and footage drilled.

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