Cobalt drill bits are a unique type of drill bit, specifically designed to withstand high temperatures.
For the best performance and durability, make sure that you purchase solid cobalt drill bits, and not cobalt coated drill bits.
Split points reduce walking (skidding across the drilling surface), by being able to breach the surface much more quickly, requiring little initial force from the user, therefore also helping to reduce tensile stress. Obviously, you meant that impact drivers have an inherent ability to virtually eliminate the torque transfer back to the operator’s hand. But yes, you’re right, it essentially just means that there is no developed counter-torque.
For people who use step drills often, it seems like they would wear down quicker than the two bits needed for your pilot & final hole.
By the way, I suggest staying away from the double-flute tree-bits like these, as sold by Sears.
The Spearpoint Carbide Drill Bit, first introduced to the glass industry over 60 years ago, is designed for use with portable or stationary drill presses.
For this reason, cobalt drill bits are preferred when drilling through extremely hard materials, namely metals such as iron, nickel, stainless steel, and titanium. One large advantage of solid cobalt drill bits is their ability to be resharpened several times before having to be discarded. That is, to drill through very abrasive materials, during which high temperatures are produced, and a standard drill bit will otherwise fail.
You can buy cobalt drill bits individually, which may be a better option if you only do a few specific jobs for the most part, as you would with small handyman applications or with an arts and crafts hobby for example. The beauty of step drill bits is that they can go from no-hole to large-hole very quickly as there’s no need to swap between 2, 3, or even more intermediate drill bit sizes. If a drill or non-impact screwdriver jams up, the tool will rotate in the opposite direction. With a quick connector, the amount of time saved (or not as some step drills seem to take a while) seems negligible. If you don't see the specific product you are looking for, please contact our Customer Service Department for assistance.
These ratings refer to the quality, or the percentage of cobalt in which the drill bits are made.

This is due to cobalt being a brittle metal and applying excess tensile stress to it will cause it to snap.
And the beauty of impact drivers are their small size and inherent ability to deliver high reactionless torque.
These drills produce clean, precise holes in glass, mirror, marble, vitrolite, china, tile, ceramics and composites.
This is due to the fact that the actual metal being used to make them is cobalt alloy embedded throughout the bit. By reserving your cobalt drill bits to these special applications, you will ensure that they will last you several years.
Individually they will cost around $10 – $20 depending on the size, type, and quality of the bit.
For most drilling applications, M35 cobalt drill bits should prove sufficient, as they contain around five percent cobalt. To help keep your cobalt drill bits separated from your general use drill bits, most of them will have a distinctive dull gold color. If you do a wide range of different jobs, as you would with a general contracting business for instance, then buying a set to start out with would probably be better. When these are resharpened, unfortunately their performance diminishes quite drastically because the process strips the coating, exposing the inferior metal underneath, and they will then require more frequent resharpening each go around. For jobs requiring heavier duty drill bits, M42 drill bits, which contain around eight percent cobalt can be used.
You can usually find a good set of twenty nine of the most common sizes and types for about $100. M56 cobalt drill bits are the highest quality, and are often used for industrial applications. Special diameter and length tools,custom manufactured to your needsAll Manufactured in the USA!
This allows the Annihilator carbide tipped wood drill bits to bore holes in all types of wood quickly, leaving little or no residue.
A truly clean, smooth hole is produced.The carbide tipped drill bits requires less torque to operate and can be used with electric, air, or gasoline powered drill motors and impact wrenches. The carbide cutter is brazed onto the steel body and the hardened steel cutting edge can be sharpened.

We strive to supply the highest quality tooling, and maintain the best customer service and engineering, possible and that you receive the Best American Made Products and Service. Many milled out of single piece of hss steel, with custom designed heavy duty lead screws and a specially modified high grade carbide cutting tips. This gives the carbide tipped wood boring drill bits the ability to outlast ordinary carbon steel wood boring bits an average of one hundred times to one, under normal conditions, dramatically cutting your yearly tooling expense!  No more worrying about spot-welded fluting coming loose half way through a hole, stopping your job dead in its tracks! No more wasted time or money having a longer shank welded onto your present bit in order to do a job!
No more time wasted clearing your holes, particularly in hard woods and treated lumber and glulam, because the fluting on your present bits isn’t long enough or proper flute relief for the holes you’re drilling. We’ve been in business for over 30 years, Many of you have been in the Log Home -Timber Industry for years, and we recognize many of your needs due to the vast number of you that we have listened to and aided in helping save thousands of dollars and giving you tooling that works for your specific needs. But, if you happen to run across a drilling problem, please give us a call, you will be talking to an engineer that has been in this specific industry for years!  There’s a good chance we can help, and you’ll find  we are sincere in being an asset to you and your needs!
EXTRA LONG Carbide Tipped Wood Auger Drill BitsExtra Large and Extra Long Wood Augers The unique power flute design and the exclusive carbide tip incorporated into the design of the Aggressor carbide tipped drill bits, allows them to drill faster than ordinary steel bits.
The Aggressor carbide tipped wood drill bits are milled from a solid bar of steel to make it tougher and stronger than most conventional wood drilling bits. Hydraulic tools like the Stanley ID-04 “Yellow Jacket” impact wrench, the Racine HIW-716 and the Fairmount H8508 impact wrench will provide improved hole drilling performance when used with the Aggressor carbide tipped wood drill bits. The Aggressor carbide tipped drill bits also works well in heavy-duty electric, pneumatic, and gas powered drills. The unique point geometry and hollow flute design is self feeding without the aid of a lead screw.
This combination enables these carbide tipped wood drill bits to outperform and out last any ordinary steel auger pole bits.The FIRE STORM features a patented double spur, carbide tip drill bit configuration and proven power-auger flute design.
These carbide tipped  drill bits are designed to produce numerous straight holes and is self-feeding The FIRE STORM works equally well with newer hydraulic power tools that utilize a high torque, high R.
They feature variable speed in two changeable gear ratios.They are reversible and include a mechanical safety clutch.

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